PrimeSite OTO Upsells

PrimeSite is a powerful and easy-to-use website builder that creates beautiful websites in any niche imaginable in just two minutes flat, and it does all of this with just one click! You can instantly create websites in any niche you can think of with just one simple click. Integrate User-Created Domains – Primesite gives you the ability to connect an unlimited number of user-created domains…

Prime Site

PrimeSite Features

  • Live Editing enables you to make changes to your websites in real time using an advanced drag-and-drop interface that is built right in.
  • Publish and Export: Download the entire project, publish it to a remote server using FTP, or export it to display projects using custom domains or subdomains.
  • You can easily upload any HTML or bootstrap template from the admin area, and DFY Templates – HTML Site Builder comes pre-loaded with over 100 different pre-built templates to choose from.
  • Editable Landing Page The default landing page can be easily edited by using the built-in appearance editor, which includes a live preview and does not require any prior knowledge of coding.
  • Editor for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) The appearance editor in the administration area allows for direct editing of SEO tags for all pages.
  • Multiple Home Pages: You have the option to select multiple home pages, including a landing page, a login page, or a page that you have designed and built yourself using HTML.

How Does It Works?

  • STEP 1 – Grab PrimeSite
    To get a copy of PrimeSite, click any of the “Buy” buttons on this page.
  • STEP 2: Launch Launch PrimeSite and use its powerful drag-and-drop editor to make websites in any niche you want.
  • STEP 3: Sit back and make money
    Watch as PrimeSite makes your automated websites in just 2 minutes FLAT!

Prime Site

PrimeSite OTO Upsells

PrimeSite Front End: PrimeSite – $17, Click Here for Detail

  • Better Drag-and-Drop Powerful Website Builder
  • Use a single keyword or HTML to make professional websites. In less than a minute, you can import.
  • Make and sell professional websites quickly and for top dollar.
  • Up to 10 websites can be made and managed.
  • You can easily upload any of the 100+ templates that are already made from the admin area.
  • You can undo and redo any action in Site Builder with the Undo Manager.
  • Menu Editor: All of the site’s menus can be changed with just one click.
  • Over 40+ elements Flexible Elements System Live Editing Features: Most elements can be changed easily, visually, and in real time.
  • The appearance editor lets you change everything about a theme or add new ones.
  • Fully responsive to mobile devices; works on desktop, mobile, and tablet
  • Professional Design—A professional design that is pixel-perfect and based on multiple website templates.
  • Just one click to publish and send the whole project.
  • Import websites and templates for websites
  • Export Websites and Templates for Websites
  • You can easily control how your site looks (colours, logo, menus etc)
  • SEO Editor: All pages can have their SEO tags changed. With just one click,
  • Use the built-in text editor to change text or paragraphs.
  • Make a landing page, a login page, or your own custom page.
  • Add Social Media Buttons
  • Hosting for life
  • Free SSL website revisions and history for life
  • Deep Analytics Real-Time Chart of Web Site Traffic
  • All your sites Commercial License Compliant with GDPR

PrimeSite OTO 1: PrimeSite Premium- $37, Click Here for Detail

  • Get access to 50+ more premium website templates
  • Add your own domain name
  • Custom domain support
  • Set up sub-domains and advanced SSL, import and export websites and website templates,
  • Open up your own legal pages ( Privacy Policy, Term of Use & Earning Disclaimer & using the built-in WYSIWYG editor.)
  • Unlock Google Analytics integration right in the admin panel
  • Unlock Ads Codes in the admin panel and put them in integrated ad slots.
  • The Pro version has more features. Priority for Premium Themes Help for customers
  • Includes a commercial license

PrimeSite OTO 2: PrimeSite Max – $47, Click Here for Detail

  • Take away all restrictions and limits
  • Make as many professional websites as you want.
  • Take the PrimeSite logo off of ALL websites.
  • Make sure all of your websites are Ada-compliant and don’t break any laws.
  • Set up as many custom domains and sub-domains as you want.
  • Unlock Advance SSL for All
  • You can import and export an unlimited number of websites and website templates. For PRO Marketers, you can unlock “unlimited everything.”
  • Unlock Unlimited Premium Website Template Commercial License Included Unlimited Everything…

PrimeSite OTO 3: PrimeSite DFY- $67, Click Here for Detail

Let us make you a professional website. You’ll work one-on-one with our support team. We’ll set up and build your website.

PrimeSite OTO 4: PrimeSite Agency -$97, Click Here for Detail

  • Make 50 or as many as you want and sell PrimeSite accounts.
  • Our dashboard lets you manage users and add new ones.
  • You can charge them whatever you want.
  • Easy to use dashboard for agencies.

PrimeSite OTO 5: PrimeSite Reseller- $67, Click Here for Detail

Resell PrimeSite &​​ earn 100% commission!

PrimeSite OTO 6: PrimeSite  Whitelabel- $197, Click Here for Detail

  • The buyer will get 100% Whitelabel code, which means the customer can install it on his server right away.
  • Add their own logo
  • Put in their own name.
  • Throw in their own payment

Prime Site

In just 60 seconds, you can make a fully functional website with this new, powerful website builder that requires no coding. We’re excited to introduce PrimeSite, the world’s easiest and most powerful website builder. With just one keyword or an HTML-Zip import, you can make a beautiful website in any niche in under a minute.

Find Out How Effective This Website Maker Really Is Right Here. More importantly, however… All WITHOUT Need to Hire Expensive Developer, WITHOUT Need to Learn Coding Skill, WITHOUT Need to Pay Monthly Fee, and WITHOUT Need to Register Domain Name and Purchase Web Hosting. In addition, a commercial license is included, so you can start charging clients $300-$500 per day for your expertly crafted websites. Does That Pep It Up? Pay a one-time fee and gain access to this.

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