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ZeroTouch OTO 1 – ZeroTouch Agency Platinum ($97). Click here to learn more

  • 100 Clients License
    One of the Biggest reasons to upgrade today is the ability to actually sell this to unlimited Clients and not just 30 clients. This be default increases your scope of Revenue.
  • Order as a Guest
    Many at times, people are not willing to sign up and would prefer a Guest Checkout. With this add-on your Clients stores can have this option enabled and customers can do the entire ordering process by just giving their phone number.
  • Cash on Delivery
    At many times, Customer payment options does not work. In those cases you can always give your client the ability to collect cash instead of online payment options. This is a very handy feature, specially if the product is being delivered at home.
  • Unlimited Catalogs Creation
    With your purchase, you can only Create 10 Catalogs per client. But with this upgrade, you can create unlimited Catalogs for each client.
  • QR Code Level Designs
    With this feature, you can beautify the QR Code with more template Designs. You get additional 4 template designs with Instructions ready to print and placed on a Standee or a Table in your Clients Store.
  • Custom Branded QR Codes
    In case you want to take things to next level for your clients, you can literally embed your Clients logo on the QR code itself with this unique feature. You can upsell this single feature as your USP and charge additional setup fees from the client.
  • Add & Manage Unlimited Promotional Banners
    This feature gives you the ability to add any ongoing in-store promotions to reflect right on top of the FrontEnd Store website. You can customize them as per the festivals or offers running at any given time of the Year.
  • Add & Manage Special Announcement Tickers
    If your clients got any special announcements, you can show them to the customers using a News Ticker in the Hello bar. This instantly grabs attention and serves wonderful for announcements.
  • Special Sale & Offers Menu Creation
    If you have any special sale running for a period of time and would like to create a separate menu for that to display on frontend store, then this is the perfect feature for your client to take advantage off.
  • Invoicing on Orders
    With this feature enabled, your clients can go super professional and deliver paperless invoices to all the customers. It’s a handy feature as the Customers will have a record of what they purchased.
  • SMS Order Confirmation via Twilio
    With our Twilio integration, you can set your clients account to deliver order confirmation directly on users phone via SMS instantly. It’s a hassle free way to confirm that their order has been received by us.
  • Surveys/Feedbacks — NPS Scoring of Customers
    Feedback is the key to running a successful business, with this feature enabled, you can ask customers feedback for the orders. Based on their ratings you can always understand what better could be done for your Clients in order to help them grow their Business.
  • Unlimited Users for Order Management
    With Zero Touch Agency Pro Package, you can have your clients add unlimited employees for managing orders. With this feature you can actually manage a business of any size now.
  • Advanced CRM for Customers View
    Want to know who your repeat customers are? How much they spent with you? What’s your Average Order value? Well with this feature you can know it all. You can identify and treat those customers differently if you’d like.
  • 1 Click Order Fulfillment
    This feature will enable your clients to fulfill the orders in the CRM with just 1 click.
  • Deeper Insights Into Shop / Store Performance
    With this feature, your clients can track their Month by month or day by day performance in order to understand how their business is performing and take data driven decisions to improve.
  • Know Top Products Selling & Top Customer Regions, etc.
    Data is the key to any business, and with this business intelligence module — your clients can see which regions are performing great for them and the top selling inventory.

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ZeroTouch OTO 2 – ZeroTouch Done for you Agency Biz-in-a-Box ($77). Click here to learn more

Done for you Agency Website

The First step to run full fledged business is having a professionally designed website, extremely persuasive Copywriting and a killer Design. With our Done for you Agency website, you will be saving the cost of a:

[+] Copywriter
[+] Designer
[+] Coder

We have all of this done for you by our Team of Experts.

Done for you Animated Sales Video

The second thing which is extremely important for our Business is to have a professionally designed animated VSL. With our Done for you Video Sales Letter (Sales Video), you will be saving the cost of a:

[+] Script Writer
[+] Video Animator
[+] Voice-over Artist

We have all of this done for you by our Team of Experts.

Done for you Banners, Ads and Ad Copies

Once you are done with your website, it’s extremely important to reach out to people in our circle and non circle via Banners, Ads and Ad Copies. We have to showcase the product in the right manner, get them interested and lead them into the conversation. Our Done for you Banners, Ads and Ad Copies are going to help you with this task super fast.

Outreach Emails

Having a Website is one thing, but reaching out to clients is another.

We have gone a leap ahead and with our Inner Circle Agency Friend crafted a series of outreach emails, which you can use to reach out to Local Businesses and convert them from prospects into Customers.

Telephone Scripts 

In order to complete the deal, you would have to certainly get over the phone and talk to the Local Business Owner. Our Inner Circle Agency Friend has got you covered. We have pre done for you Telephone scripts ready to use. These are proven scripts that will actually get your clients to be closed by you.

Done for you Pricing Sheets with Proposal

We don’t want to leave you unguided at any stage of Client Acquisition, hence we have already created a Pricing Sheet for you to refer to sell this to Local Businesses. Not just that, we have also gone ahead and made a complete professional proposal ready for you and your client to sign and close the deal. This Done for you package is going to cut short your time to success with ZeroTouch Agency.

ZeroTouch OTO 3 ($47 – $67). Click here to learn more

ZeroTouch Client Getting System lets you:

  • Find out Right Clients at the Click of a Button
  • Get you their Phone Numbers
  • Find their Emails using our secret scraping mechanism
  • Send them Emails at bulk
  • Send them Conversational Outreach text message


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