WP Simulator Local OTO Upsells

WP Simulator lets people have a full copy of their WordPress site running locally on their PC, laptop, or Mac. This lets them fully develop new and existing sites locally before putting them online, including testing new plugins and themes for problems and setting up new themes correctly before migration.

  • Includes a Local Business Resource Guide and Sales Post for Use by Local Agencies Cheat Sheet Also Included.
  • You will receive a copy of the Local Business Blog Post or Article that you can use on the website of your local agency.
  • AND you get our UNBRANDED “Local Business Developer Check List,” which you can use as a lead generation giveaway – give them the steps they need to go through to set up their site, then offer to do it all for them by simply adding your page link! – give them the steps they need to go through to set up their site, then offer to do it all for them by simply adding your page link!
  • Notes on keywords, content sources, and additional resources for the creation of additional WordPress and website setup content are included in this guide to the WordPress site setup content.

wp simulator local oto

WP Simulator Local Benefit

Avoid getting the “White Screen of Death” when using WordPress.

Every once in a while, you will run into an issue with a plugin. Everything will operate properly up to the point where you install a new plugin, at which point your website will malfunction, and you will get an unpleasant message or the “white screen of death.” On a live site, it’s a pain to try to figure out which of the other plugins is causing the issue.

Using WP Simulator, you are able to build a local copy of your whole plugin list, reproduce the issue, and quickly determine who is responsible. You may even test new plugins for potential conflicts before using them live, and you can maintain a set of plugins that are known to work for each of your websites so that you can easily restore a plugin in the event that an update fails.

  • A more insightful approach to problem-solving and problem-prevention.
  • Stay away from WP updates that break your theme or plugins.

Avoid On-Line Disasters

So let’s assume you just spent some money on an incredible new theme or a cool new plugin, and you can’t wait to utilize it on your website. You decide to upload it to your live site, hoping for the best, and then boom! There are errors, and certain sections of your website are inaccessible.

You won’t need to worry about the veracity of the results when using WP Simulator to test themes and plugins for their usability and compatibility with your website. In this manner, you won’t be surprised by any outcomes when you use the theme or plugin in a production setting.

WP Simulator Local OTO Upsells

WP Simulator Local OTO Upsell 1: Agency Client Finder

  • Stop doing pointless and random prospecting and start closing deals by delivering value and authority from the beginning.
  • Find leads that are targeted to your area of expertise and location preferences.
  • You should qualify those leads by conducting an analysis of the needs they have and identifying only the prospects to whom you can readily supply relevant services.
  • Make a report that is specific to the prospect using the results of a number of free tests in order to determine what aspects of their business require improvement.
  • delivers the report to them and allows you to track when it is appropriate to follow up with them

WP Simulator Local OTO Upsell 2: Power Online Reviews is the second upsell.

  • A service that can be provided in 15 minutes and will continue to earn you money MONTH AFTER MONTH WordPress Plugin that can be installed and configured in a matter of minutes, allowing you to provide results for customers as soon as possible.
  • Email templates that can be modified, as well as one-click responses to customer reviews
  • Every review has been kept in the database for future reference and evidence.
  • Lots additional management options

WP Simulator Local OTO 3 Upsell: WP Toolkit Developers Edition 600+ Upsell3 Access to Premium Plugins and Themes with Full Developer Rights

  • Simply said, WP Toolkit is an enormous library filled with premium WordPress tools.
  • This collection of hundreds of the world’s top WordPress plugins and themes has been curated by us, and we’ve placed them all into one wonderful bundle. This package is being provided for a price that is literally “pennies on the dollar,” and it comes with developers’ rights.


Isn’t WordPress a wonderful platform? All those features and versatility makes designing webpages a breeze. up until the point where anything breaks!

Your first thought is probably something along the lines of “How the heck am I supposed to fix this?” Then it hits you: your website is currently malfunctioning, and every single one of your visitors can see it.

They are not going to stick around and wait for you to figure out what went wrong and repair it; rather, they are going to go somewhere else. This will not make a favorable impression on them, and they are not going to stick around.

or, even worse, it may be a client’s website, in which case you are costing them both business and money. Now that you are in a hurry, you attempt to reverse the alterations; however, this does not prove successful.

The first signs of panic are appearing.

There was no reason for any of this to take place; how frequently do you see this kind of nonsense happening to “Pro’s”? They are susceptible to it, but nobody is ever there to witness it when it occurs.


Simply put, they have a method up their sleeve for constructing their websites and trying everything out in a risk-free environment, all without exposing their blunders to the public.

And you can do it now too!

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