VidSnatcher OTO

VidSnatcher OTO 1 – VidSnacther Pro Editor’s Suite ($47). CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Bring Your Videos To Life, Boost Your Video’s Value, and Blow Your Clients Away With This Pro Editing Addition.
Tap from an unlimited source of high-quality image & video libraries.

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VidSnatcher OTO 2 – VidSnacther Agency Suite ($67). CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Equipped with a professionally designed website, marketing video, and 50 local niche video templates – VidSnatcher Agency is a turnkey business-in-a-box opportunity with massive potential!

VidSnatcher OTO 3 – VidScnatecher Local Video Templates Pack ($27). CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

These templates auto-populate in the VidSnatcher editing timeline saving you massive amounts of time! You can use the exact template we offer and resell it as is or you can customize each of them for clients.

VidSnatcher OTO 4 – VidSnatcher Template Club ($37). CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Grow Your Agency, Target Even More Prospective Clients, and Increase Your Potential Profits With VidSnatcher Template Club!

VidSnatcher OTO 5 – VidSnatcher Animation Suite ($17). CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Get Instant Access To 125+ Highly Engaging Animated Icons To Boost The Quality and Appearance Of Your VidSnatcher Videos PLUS Access To Newly Added Animated Icons At No Charge!


So what’s the big deal? Imagine if Camtasia had text-to-speech and language translation built-in!?

• This video editor is equipped with text-to-speech and language translation,
making it the first completely open-canvas editor of it’s kind.

• It opens business opportunities around the World and completely crushes language barriers,
opening access to markets that were virtually impossible to reach before now.

• This Video App will enable ALL of us to tap into the fastest growing online video market for years to come.

• Includes Commercial License, is equipped with more features, and is easier to use,
ALL at a fraction of the cost to comparable video editors on the market.

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