Targeting Academy 2.0 OTO

Targeting Academy 2.0 OTO – When it comes to running ads, you can have a professional-looking ad image. An awesome product. You might even have an unlimited budget at your disposal. But UNLESS you know where to find the right buyers, your campaigns can NEVER get profitable. That’s a fact – most people aren’t aware of and this is why 95% of the people who run ads fail (miserably) because their targeting is terrible.

They simply burn money – not knowing how to put their products in front of the right people. But imagine if you could find buyers (not people) who literally have credit cards in their hands ready to buy whatever you have to offer every single time you launch a campaign.

Imagine almost every other product on your store becoming a best seller because somehow you still find your buyers no matter how niche-specific your products are. And imagine making EXPONENTIALLY more from your campaigns than you used to make before. Well, imagine no more because tomorrow the most comprehensive targeting training and most powerful targeting software will be released.

From tomorrow onwards, you will never be wasting even a dime on wrong targeting – ever again. In fact, there is no way you will target like you used to do before. My good friend and an eCom Pro Devid is releasing his all-new, all-updated version of his flagship product called Targeting Academy 2.0 and trust me, you haven’t seen anything like this before. The best part is it’s not just limited to Facebook, basically, he makes sure you find buyers regardless of traffic source.

This is one product you simply can’t afford to miss – and shall I say – at any cost! I’m also going to give away some awesome bonuses so what you need to do now is, then wait for my email tomorrow when it goes live and I will send you the link to avail the early bird discount.

targeting academy 2.0 oto

Targeting Academy 2.0 OTO

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Here’s What’s Included in the PRO Upgrade:

  • Monetized Youtube Videos
    Uncover THOUSANDS of monetized Youtube videos so you can target the PERFECT buyer at the push of a button!
  • Video Hijack
    Locate videos on Youtube and legally hijack your competitor’s video traffic!
  • YouTube Video Tags
    STEAL your top competitors exact video meta tags that are helping them rank so high and soar to the rankings of other people’s efforts!
  • Ultra-Targeted Youtube Ad Placements
    Instantly reduce wasted spending by placing ultra-targeted ads on videos and channels of interest to your specific audience!
  • Channel Hunter
    Find all channels that show up for a keyword search and extract up to 100-200 channels per keyword!
  • Identify “Top Players” in Your Niche
    Get secret data about your competition like the number of subscribers to their channels and the number of views their videos have.
  • Higher ROI
    By reducing wasted spending, you can get higher ROI and scale your advertising budget higher!
  • Twitter Id Grabber
    Spy users on Twitter and immediately get their ID’s to laser target them and sell them ANYTHING you want!
  • Spy Twitter Trends in Any Location
    Launch ads that are REAL WINNERS as a result of being able to see exactly what’s trending worldwide or even in your own specific area/location!
  • Tweet Keyword Spy
    Instantly search and find ANY tweet regardless of the topic simply by entering a specific keyword!
  • Tweet Hashtag Spy
    See exactly what people are interested in, what they’re saying and how they’re feeling so create compelling ads selling what they want!
  • Insane Twitter Traffic
    Drive INSANE followers to your offers knowing that they are already easy pickings.
  • 1-Click Store & Save
    Download hundreds of thousands of ID’s in seconds and store all of your lists in “Recent Downloads” giving you a fresh, unlimited steady stream of REAL users that you can target!
  • Constant Updates
    As always with any of our products, we update Insightr 2.0 every week! Many new amazing features are currently getting added to the platform!
  • Complete Training Videos
    We have put together a series of easy to follow tutorials to be 100% sure that you’ll understand and execute everything that we have to offer!
  • 24 Hour Support
    Our support resolves 100% of the issues within 24 hours. Be it technical or strategy related issues, we are there for you!

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UPGRADE #1 – Amazon Spy

  • Quickly expand your keyword spread by extracting THOUSANDS of more keyword phrases from the top eCom platform, Amazon!
  • Instantly find Amazon keywords in ANY niche imaginable!
  • Find The Most Relevant and Best Selling eCom Products On The Market!
  • Discover exactly which categories/niches to focus on for maximum ad profitability

UPGRADE #2 – Google Spy

  • Automatically uncover hidden super-targeted interest keywords from Google, you can start making money with on Facebook today!
  • Simply enter a keyword and eCom Analyzer will instantly reveal red hot Google targeting phrases for your ads!
  • Tap into hidden niches where there’s way less competition, cheaper FB ads and bags of EASY CASH with your name on it!

UPGRADE #3 – Youtube Interest Spy

  • ONE click finds thousands & thousands of cash-rich secret Youtube keywords and niches for your FB ad campaigns in seconds!
  • Discover THOUSANDS of under-the-radar interests to stock your ads with!
  • Simplify your business and gives it massive growth potential!

UPGRADE #4 – Bing Spy

  • Uncover thousands of SECRET profitable interest keyword phrases directly from Bing!
  • Ultra-fast technology breaks down key data for thousands of keyword phrases at once – it’s like having your own full-time team of keyword researchers!
  • Get thousands of exact results that match your niche to expand your target selection

UPGRADE #5 – Yahoo! Spy

  • Find breakthrough interests on Yahoo in seconds – no more wasting hours finding great interest keywords to target
  • Dig up the emotion, proud and passionate niches people go crazy for on Yahoo!
  • Instantly BOOST your FB ads with brand new targets your competition has no idea even exist!

UPGRADE #6 – Unlimited Second Level Keywords

  • This “Never-Seen-Before” unique feature allows you to instantly browse into the 100,000+ built-in category keywords that all top search engines provide you!
  • Search All types of related keywords.. secondary keywords, keyword phrases, questions, long-tail words, exact/phrase/broad variations & more!
  • Stop spending hours browsing search engines for 2nd level keywords manually!

UPGRADE #7 – Multilingual Research

  • Multilingual targeting interests and keyword phrases research!
  • eCom Analyzer uncovers THOUSANDS of money-making interest keyword phrases in 20 different languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, French, Malay, German, Japanese, Farsi, Urdu, Punjabi, Vietnamese, Tamil, Korean, Turkish, Italian, Polish and Hebrew!

UPGRADE #8 – Save & Export

  • Save all your favorite searches. Find them again anytime you want – save headaches and time!
  • Export all your searches and keyword batches in ONE single click!
  • Filter your saved keywords easily!

UPGRADE #9 – Complete Training Tutorials

  • The software is VERY user-friendly and extremely easy to use and master!
  • We have put together a series of easy to follow detailed training videos to be 100% certain that you are able to understand and execute everything that we have to offer!

UPGRADE #10 – 24/7 Dedicated Support

  • Our support team is always ready to solve any of the issues you might face!
  • We resolve 100% of the issues within 24 hours. Be it technical or strategy related issues, we are there for you!

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  • 14 Secret Niches
  • These are 14 secret, low competition, BIG profit margin niches, and the exact offers/opportunities you can get into to make money right now.
  • Hot eCom Products To Sell Right Now
  • You can sell them from anywhere in the world And they are PROVEN to convert with the Targeting Academy 2.0 strategies AKA the perfect profit storm for virtually instant income.
  • Money Making Upsells
  • How to make 10x more with upsells! If you are not setting up upsells with your main products, you are leaving LOTS of money on the table! We’ll show you behind the scenes tips to scale your winners and sell more products!
  • Focusing on The PERFECT Clients!
  • These targets are one of our biggest secret weapons. And for the first (and likely last) time, we’re going to reveal the methods we use to find them. We won’t let these get too saturated, so your only chance is right now.
    There’s nothing quite like how awesome this is
  • All My Ad Copies
  • Steal all the exact ad copies we used to sell THOUSANDS of eCom products and create LIGHTNING FAST COPY for all your ad campaigns! These are all my secret copies that have NEVER BEFORE been released to the public!
  • Exact Ad Numbers
  • We’ll show you all the powerful metrics of success and how to optimize your ads for MAXIMUM results! You’ll learn the #1 thing million dollar advertisers do to make sure their ads continue to be successful!
  • Personal Swipe Life
  • This is your own personal swipe file of high-converting FB ad campaigns… and you’re free to copy them in your own business.

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Intro –Targeting Local Business for HUGE Profits!

  • Why local business is so profitable and important when it comes to Facebook advertising
  • 2 AMAZING targeting methods to put your ads in front of the RIGHT people
  • How to use certain settings to narrow down your audience precisely!
  • This will set you apart from the competition that still have no idea how to target these type of clients!

The “Hack” Strategy!

  • You’ll discover my first TOP SECRET strategy for targeting potential local clients
  • 1 QUICK Secret “hack” I use to achieve detail-orienting targeting!
  • How To Target Local Clients with very specific interest targeting
  • How to ZERO in on those that live very close to me!

100% Niche Responsive Clients!

  • How to filter down to 100% responsive clients ELIMINATING any and all potential customers that are not likely to make a purchase from YOU today!
  • How I narrowed down a HUGE audience from 8.5 MILLION to 110k targeted buyers!
  • Focusing on The PERFECT Clients!
  • 3 exclusive strategies on how to ZERO in on the perfect customers and ignore those that are less likely to purchase from you!
  • How narrowed audience from 440,000 people (potential reach) down to only 2,100! (These are the people that you want to target in your ads because they are SUPER TARGETED!)
  • Targeting Local Clients for Specific Situations!
  • I’m Revealing REAL Examples Of How To Target Any Type Of FB Ad To A Local Audience!
  • I’ll Show You How To Target Your Ads To A Variety Of DIFFERENT Situations
  • Secrets To Target Gym & Fitness Clients!
  • 1 Drop-Dead SIMPLE Method To Get All The Local Business Clients You Want With ANY Niche Market Almost Like MAGIC!

Targeting the Local “Stubborn” Client!

#1 Killer Method to make even the most stubborn local client or even AUDIENCE a paying customer. Regardless of how stubborn they are, you can make them as soft as a melting candle so they devour whatever it is that you say.

GEO-Targeting for Massive Local Clients!

  • How To Use GEO Location Targeting In Combination With Specific Demographics To Target New Customers
  • How To Pinpoint Your Desired Geographic Areas
  • How To Single Out The Best Clients For Your Product Or Services
  • A Repair Man & Mechanics Goldmine!

If you are a repairman or mechanic of any type, this method is something that will completely transform your local targeting advertising campaigns for the better! It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, this strategy is very flexible and will get STRONG results every time!

The Local “Average-American” Niche!

Regardless of what business or niche you are in, if you are local, this method will really work for you. This is a KILLER method to attract clients who are in a Multi-BILLION dollar industry and every single American especially business owners desperately NEED them!

Targeting the Trillion-Dollar Moto Industry

  • 3 different secret strategies to target the Moto industry & car dealerships
  • How to target people who are constantly looking to buy a luxury/sports car
  • How To Target people who want to buy a new car of any type or even a specific BRAND of car so that you can capitalize on all the profits to be made!

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  • Hand-Picked ‘Under-the-Radar Interests
    Each list contains interests that have been thoroughly researched and validated by an in-house team of elite FB marketers.
  • Monetized Youtube Videos
    Every month my in house team handpicks the new HOT targeting interests for you, every day! These are ‘under the radar’ audiences no one knows about! Stop wasting time and money targeting the WRONG audiences!
  • Audience Size & FB Traffic
    All FB interests come with the EXACT audience size & FB traffic!
  • 5-6 Figure Campaigns
    Only the best interests that are proven to make money. We have used most of these lists to generate 5-6 figures in eCom sales!
  • Copy, Paste & Launch
    Just login to your dashboard, copy these interests and launch your campaigns in minutes!
  • Maximize ROI
    MAXIMIZE Your ROI from EVERY FB campaign & offer.
  • Save Time & Money
    We have done all the hard work for you! You don’t need to research anything yourself!
  • 100% Newbie Friendly
    NO learning curve, NO guessing, ZERO skills needed to exploit the latest FB interests and keywords in ANY niche!
  • 24/7 Support
    We have 24/7 top-notch support, if you have any questions just send us an email and we’ll be back to you shortly!


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