AdSight Pro OTO Upsells

Sight PRO OTO Upsells – This software can leverage the latest data within Facebook’s new updated API. It’s Facebook Approved and includes a slick easy to use interface that makes Facebook Ad Targeting A breeze. This is the first of a suite of advertising tools in JVZoo space and this software will continue to improve and update. With Adsight Pro you can:

  1. Discover
    The very best interests & behavioral data available
  2. Filter
    Your data and select the exact audiences you want to target
  3. Apply
    With one click copy all of the best keywords for your ads and paste them into Facebooks system
  4. Profit
    Instantly drive better audiences to your ads, get cheaper clicks from Facebook and make more money with better data.

adsight pro oto

AdSight OTO Upsells

Front-end – $27 starting >> Click here to learn more 

  • Explore Interests & Behaviour in different languages
  • Copy to Clipboard
  • Download as CSV
  • Go to Facebook & Google for shows results for that Keyword
  • See keywords along with Audience Size attached to that Keyword
  • Sort by Audience Size and Keyword
  • Add Multiple Interests
  • Commercial License

AdSight Pro OTO 1 – $67 starting >> Click here to learn more

  • Software suggests Similar Keywords and search by them
  • Research Keyword with large audience size (over 500K)
  • Save selected targeting for later use
  • Apply to AdSet directly from the app.
  • Layering of targeting
  • Apply already saved interests/behavior to an AdSet without doing research again
  • Manage Unlimited Ad Accounts
  • Manage Unlimited Ad Campaigns
  • Manage Unlimited AdSets
  • Drag & Drop interests/behaviors between layers.
  • Create unlimited layers
  • Apply multiple layers directly from the app

AdSight Pro OTO 2 (Agency) – $47 starting >> Click here to learn more

  • Create team member accounts
  • Project Folders
  • Ability to use the app in other supported languages (German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French)
  • Software scans your unlimited ad accounts and informs you in advance if any of your Ads are going to be stopped by Facebook in the future.
  • Software informs you via email about any action you need to take
  • Direct link to the AdSet where you need to action to fix the AdSet.
  • Supply reports to clients
  • Fully automated, set it once and forget.

AdSight Pro OTO 3 – $97 starting >> Click here to learn more

  • Canvas Software
  • Facebook Image Ads Pack
  • Facebook Video Ads Pack
  • Commercial License

AdSight Pro OTO 4 – $197 starting >> Click here to learn more

  • Reseller License
  • 100% commissions
  • Use the professionally designed marketing material
  • Sales Pages
  • Sales Videos
  • Email Swipes


The best way to drive fast traffic to your products or affiliate offers is without a doubt Facebook Ads, it’s fast, extremely profitable and can help you to generate a lot of money fast. So why are so many people failing with Facebook ads? The main reason people fail with Facebook ads is bad targeting, in fact, if you’ve failed with Facebook ads in the past it was most likely because you used Facebook’s own targeting system.

Facebook’s system only shows a small slice of the possible audiences you could target, what this means is that everyone targets the same keywords. The result is more expensive ads, worse targeting, and less profitable campaigns. That’s why AdSight PRO was created.

AdSight PRO uses a number of search engines and Facebook’s own premium (Hidden) data to help you to find better audiences faster. It reveals data that you can’t find within Facebook’s system. Data that helps you to target your audiences better resulting in a lower cost per click.

In short – AdSight PRO helps you to run much more profitable ads for both you and your clients. This software is currently being offered at a special one-time price as part of its initial rollout. When you get access today you’ll be able to secure best price and even a bonus commercial rights license.