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500 Subscribers in 30 Days


Important Contest Details: The official leader-board and overall contest ranking is based on revenue from the entire sales funnel during the contest period (Friday May 28th – Friday June 4th). For cash prize payouts, there is no minimum sales number requirement, but you must have made commissions equal to or greater than the value of the prize (whole funnel). If this criteria is not met, winners will receive a prorated amount.

All prizes are paid via PayPal and after the refund period. 30 Days

Affiliate Teams: Teams with up to 2 affiliates are allowed for the main content but you need to let us know about the team before the contest begins.

Why Your List Is Going To LOVE 500 Subs In 30 Days

We all know that list building is the name of the game!

Look, the bottom line is that making money online is EASY for me and you

We have an audience we can easily contact and send them to wherever we like. Whether it be one of our own products or an affiliate product.

As vendors and JV partners, we can do things that others can’t because we have ONE resource that others don’t – OUR LIST!

500 Subs teaches how to build a Subscribers List by harnessing the power of Solo Ads.

Your customer will also learn a free method of how they can build their list through AD Swaps and JV Partners. I choose my affiliate offers and they’ll get a 30 day email sequence to promote any offer they’d like.

Oh and just in case you were wondering, YES, this does work in ANY NICHE!

I also reciprocate. We can all help each other out on our future launches.

Get on my board and I’ll do my best to top yours!

Prelaunch Content

You are free to use all of my pre-launch content and I suggest you do. One of the main reasons this will do well is because I’m a high level student of Kenny Cannon and I’m just following what makes him so huge. He has so much success with JV promos because he pre-launches all of them.

There are 3 videos, each around 15 minutes, that will hype up your audience for the product AND presell on it. The last video will instruct them to wait for an email at around the launch time.

This is the exact pre-launch process he’s used for the past 7 years on his own launches (and JV promos) and it works great! So I’m doing it too so we can all benefit.

Watch the video below and then access the Vimeo links for the videos. Embed them into your own pages and you’re good to go.

Craig has put together 500 Subscribers In 30 Days to solve the main problem that newbie internet marketers have – They have nobody to talk to!

Simply put, the real money makers online can do what we do because we have a list and know how to manage that list. Newbies don’t have a list and even if they did, they’d have no idea how to successfully manage it so they can profit from it while actually helping people.

solves this problem. It will teach your customers how to build a list profitably using both free and paid methods. It will also teach your customers how to earn a full time income from that list while not sacrificing morals, ethics, and integrity.

Front End Offer (100%) – 500 Subs. Craig takes your customer by the hand and teaches them how to build a list of 500 subscribers in 30 days The only reason why we (big JVs and product creators) are able to do what we do is because we have an audience. Our customers are failing largely because they have nobody to sell to. 500 Subs solves that problem forever!

500 Subscribers in 30 Days OTO 1

Done For You Campaigns. Craig give’s away his list of Solo Ad vendors that have been vetted and he has used in the past to grow his list

Done For You Campaigns. Craig frees up time by providing a list of vetted vendors

500 Subscribers in 30 Days OTO 2

Free Traffic Secrets. These free traffic secrets have been taught by Craig’s mentor Kenny Cannon and no body is talking about them

Free Traffic Secrets. 2nd chance to grab these free traffic secrets


500 Subscribers in 30 Days OTO

500 Subscribers in 30 Days OTO 3

Email Campaigns. Craig has put together his best converting emails with some of the highest converting products on the market.

Email Campaigns. 2nd chance to get some ready made email campaigns

500 Subscribers in 30 Days OTO 4

Reseller Package. Craig will give the customer the opportunity to make 100% Commission on our entire funnel. This is ALWAYS a Huge Seller.

Reseller Package. Craig will give the customer the opportunity to make 100% Commission on our entire funnel. This is ALWAYS a Huge Seller.