SuperPowerPPT Membership OTO Upsells by Nelson Long

SuperPowerPPT Membership OTO Upsells by Nelson Long – Introducing SuperPowerPPT the longest running and most updated PowerPoint templates membership site! SuperPowerPPT is easily one of the web’s largest PowerPoint premium animated assets site with over ever-growing 10 000+ unique slides and templates. Through consistent updates over the years, SuperPowerPPT library is jam packed with dazzling video templates, presentation templates, Facebook cover video templates, chart templates and many more ultra-creative contents for PowerPoint.

It is one of the best if not the very best membership site out there because it is established since 2014 and the team behind it have been adding new contents to it every day! The team of designers behind has been working hard to provide excellent contents that are updated regularly.

superpowerppt oto upsells

Here are just couple reasons why SuperPowerPPT is awesome:

  1. Create unlimited unique digital media with the SuperPowerPPT library of thousands over unique animation slides that comprises of various creative templates such as video templates, teaser video templates, FB cover templates, presentation templates, infographic templates and so much more!
  2. Developer rights included, you can use the contents in your client’s project without having to pay for additional licensing fees.
  3. There are many offers out there that promise “lifetime” access but many of the developers for those offers abandon their project in less than a year. This is not going to happen with SuperPowerPPT because they have been operational since 2014 and their customers are already enjoying 5 years of service and will continue to do so in the future to come!
  4. And the list goes on.

Lastly don’t forget they are having an introductory launch offer where you only need to pay once and you will get access to everything with no recurring fees, price will revert to recurring model after this introductory launch ends, so don’t miss out!

SuperPowerPPT Membership OTO Upsells

SuperPowerPPT OTO 1: Ultimate Library Upgrade. Click here to learn more

The Ultimate Library upgrade, the Ultimate Library is the “Ultimate” upgrade where your customers can get access to the ultimate library where there are 5 times more contents and 10 times more updates.

You can choose from:

  • $17 per month recurring
  • $97 annual membership
  • $197 one time payment.

SuperPowerPPT OTO 2: Video Resource Club Special Offer ($33.50). Click here to learn more

Get unlimited access and downloads to Video Resource Club one of largest video resources library featuring thousands of HD stock videos, niche video templates, spokesperson videos, video scripts, voice overs, motion backgrounds, special effects videos and many more video resources.

Your customers can get access to the Video Resource Club at a 50% discounted price no recurring fees!

SuperPowerPPT OTO 3: Video Resource Club Platinum Upgrade Offer ($67). Click here to learn more

(This offer will shown only if the customer bought Video Resource Club Special Offer)

This is the platinum upgrade for Video Resource Club where your customers can upgrade to the Video Resource Club Platinum library where they can get access to the Platinum library with 13K more video resources and more updates.

The massive library features tens of thousands unique animation slides and templates in various styles and themes. There are templates for creating video, presentation, social media ads, slideshow and so much more. With the huge array of diverse templates your customers can create video, sales pitch, political campaign, general presentations, slideshows, event videos, promotional materials, webinars, social media ads and much more using PowerPoint.

This is probably the most updated and biggest PowerPoint templates library in the IM sphere and with dedicated commitment from our team, SuperPowerPPT will only grow in size and most importantly we have the right sales pitch that will make this sell big time!

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