Speaq OTO Upsells

Speaq OTO Upsells – Speaq is the world’s first AI bot for intuitively creating amazing marketing videos for all social platforms in ALL formats. Interact with Speaq, answer his questions and have an amazing video delivered to you by the end of the conversation!

speaq oto upsells

Speaq OTO Upsells

Front End >> Click here for more details

The front end will be offering both personal and commercial licenses (the commercial being the no-brainer). It gives them the opportunity to create videos for themselves AND for clients.

Improved Video Creation
Speaq guides your customers to create their own videos from an automated conversation! Based on their answers, he’ll deliver a custom marketing video by the end of the short chat! Not only does it create AMAZING videos, it’s a completely guided experience with no technical skills or training videos needed!

The Speaq bot also has a feature where during the conversation, it can ask for your customer (or their client) to paste in ANY link (such as an eCom product page, Facebook page etc) and it’ll create a video as simply as that.

The HUGE Opportunity***
Speaq doesn’t just create videos from conversations, he automates video marketing as a whole system.

Every Speaq customer gets their own unique link. They can share this link anywhere and anyone who clicks it will be able to have their own conversation with Speaq to create THEIR own video based on THEIR answers.

Speaq will then create their unique video, deliver it to them AND collect payments on your customer’s behalf.

That’s why we’re offering full commercial rights on the FE.

Automated video creation, delivery, and payments –> by sharing one link with a client!

Open Link → Conversation with Speaq → Collect Payment → File is Delivered.

Full automation on the front end!

Speaq Personal License – $37 | Speaq Commercial License – $47

  • Create Videos From Conversations | FULL Client/Agency Rights – Sell Videos on Autopilot
  • Create Videos by Pasting in ANY Link | Shareable Bot Link (250 Shares)
  • 100 Renders Per Month | Create Videos From Conversations
  • 60+ Video Designs Included | Create Videos by Pasting in ANY Link
  • Export Videos in All Formats (Square, Vertical, Landscape) | 1,000 Renders Per Month
  • Full Video Customization | Get Paid Inside Conversation (Collect Payments)
  • 100% Mobile Ready (Bot works on all mobile devices) | 60+ Video Designs Included
  • Export Videos in All Formats (Square, Vertical, Landscape)
  • Full Video Customization
  • 100% Mobile Ready (Bot works on all mobile devices)

Speaq OTO 1

The first upgrade is the pro license. You can upgrade to unlimited videos, hosting, renders, agency rights and more. You also are able to upgrade to be able to share their bot link an unlimited number of times (inside Messenger, FB pages, Groups, YouTube etc).

You also get your own client management dashboard, front-of-the-queue rendering (VIP faster rendering) as well as training and templates for finding, pitching and closing clients!

Speaq OTO 1 – Speaq Pro License – $67 >> Click here for more details

  • Unlimited Videos & Hosting
  • Unlimited Renders
  • Share Your Bot Link Unlimited Times (Paste Anywhere!)
  • Unlimited Agency/Client Rights (Unlimited Video Selling)
  • Shareable Links Work Inside Messenger, FB Pages, Groups, YouTube and more (Traffic Expansion Pack)
  • Sub-User/Client Management Dashboard
  • Front of Queue Rendering (VIP Rendering – No Waiting Times)
  • Training on How to Find & Sell Speaq to Clients
  • Email Templates for Selling Speaq to Clients

Speaq OTO 2

The second upgrade is an expansion pack. This upgrade will give your customers extra video designs, longer video designs (if they want to create videos up to 1 minute instead of shorter videos), extra video formats (such as FB cover video designs) and anytime new video designs are released, your customers will have them automatically added to their accounts.

Speaq OTO 2 – Speaq Expansion Package – $67 >> Click here for more details

  • Extra Video Designs (25+)
  • Longer Video Designs Added (Create Longer Videos Up to 1 Minute)
  • Extra Video Formats (FB Cover Designs)
  • New Video Designs Automatically Added to Accounts When Released

Speaq OTO 3

The third upgrade is a resellers package. Your customers will not only be able to create Speaq videos for themselves and sell videos directly to clients – with this upgrade they’ll be able to sell the actual Speaq software.

We’re including a customer management dashboard for managing their users, we’re including the full sales page HTML as well as you have the ability for them to integrate their own payment processor so they have control over their sales.

Speaq OTO 3 Resellers Package – $147 | Speaq Resellers Package – $297 | Speaq Resellers Package – $497 | >> Click here for more details

  • Resell Speaq – Not Just Videos | Resell Speaq – Not Just Videos | Resell Speaq – Not Just Videos |
  • 50 Licenses | 250 Licenses | 500 Licenses |
  • Customer Management Dashboard | Customer Management Dashboard | Customer Management Dashboard |
  • Sales Page Included | Sales Page Included | Sales Page Included |
  • Integrate Your Own Payment Processor | Integrate Their Own Payment Processor | Integrate Their Own Payment Processor

Speaq OTO 4 – 3 Extra Best-Selling Video Apps (White Label Package)

This special upgrade contains 3 best-selling video marketing software platforms – all with white label rights. Each of these apps did over $150k in sales individually (and together over $800k), and now we’re opening them up to your customers to sell under their own brand.

This is a business-in-a-box opportunity, so we’re including all the sales pages and videos for all 3 software. This will make it easier for your customers to begin selling the next day if they wanted to.

Speaq OTO 4 – White Label Bundle – Business in a Box – $497 >> Click here for more details

  • Storie – White Label Rights (500 Licenses)
  • Videlligence – White Label Rights (500 Licenses)
  • Viddictive – White Label Rights (500 Licenses)
  • All 3 Sales Pages Included
  • All 3 Sales Videos Included
  • Sell All 3 Best-Selling Software Under Your Own Brand

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