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sendiio 2.0 oto

Sendiio 2.0 OTO – Sendiio is the 1st and ONLY autoresponder that combines the power of email marketing, Text Message Marketing and FB Messenger Marketing ALL under ONE, CENTRAL Dashboard – with ZERO Monthly Fees!
Your customers can now tap into the 3 MOST profitable marketing channels in ONE PLACE! They no longer have to wonder if the email is best, the text is best or facebook messenger is best.

The fact is: THEY ALL WORK and is ALL EXTREMELY Profitable! And they can now tap into ALL of them and maximize their profits!

sendiio 2.0 oto

Sendiio 2.0 OTO

Sendiio 2.0 OTO 1. Click here to learn more

Inside of Sendiio Academy, I’m going to share:

  • How The “Journey” method can easily be the ONLY free traffic strategy you need to build a MASSIVE list of raging fans that are ready to buy anything you recommend
  • How To Leverage The Power of other people’s blogs and niches sites to generate targeted traffic to your opt-in pages
  • 10-minute SEO Optimization Technique to Get Massive Amounts of Free Traffic and Subscribers From Google
  • The Proper way to leverage a blog to become the authority in ANY niche and generate subscribers DAILY!
  • The Right way to Leverage Video Marketing To Drive Thousands of FREE Visitors to your websites and optin pages
  • EXACT Content Syndication System to generate as much FREE traffic and subscribers as you can handle

Sendiio 2.0 OTO 2. Click here to learn more

  • Import up to 20,000 subscribers
  • Connect to premium SMTP in seconds
  • Send unlimited emails per month
  • Premium IP addresses
  • Higher, faster and better delivery
  • Done-For-You DKIM and SPF
  • Bounce and Complaint removal
  • Zero technical skill
  • Log in and send within 60 seconds
  • Agency features

Sendiio 2.0 OTO 3. Click here to learn more

VA License Feature. Virtual assistant Feature ensures that you can leverage the power of outsourcing while protecting your most valuable asset, your subscribers!

Sendiio 2.0 OTO 4. Click here to learn more

The first and ONLY autoresponder that allows you to schedule BOTH of these emails to be sent out under the SAME campaign completely HANDS-FREE!

Sendiio will send out your 1st email at your desired time, AND you’ll be able to automatically tell Sendiio how many hours AFTER your morning email, you’d like your evening email to be sent to those that DID NOT open the 1st email.

And you’ll also be able to set a different subject line to be used as well! Sendiio allows you to schedule a full days worth of profit under ONE campaign!

Sendiio 2.0 OTO 5. Click here to learn more

Email ramp is a software that gives you access to more than 999 emails that will triple or even quadruple your email marketing results. All the emails are fully tested and proven to bring massive sales. The copywriters behind these emails hace written emails that brought in more than $5M in sales for themselves and their clients. All you need to do is select your niche and the email type you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a monthly Fee?

Not right now. During our charter-members sale, we’re waiving our monthly fee.

Are there any additional, required fees to make this work?

Absolutely not. The only extra (optional) fees that you may incur, is if you choose to go with a premium SMTP provider to send your emails, however, most of them have a FREE plan and if you input multiple accounts, you can get up to 50,000 emails every month FOR FREE. Another cost that can incur is the heavy usage of text messages. Since we integrate with Twilio for BEST delivery, they charge per text message sent. However, they have a PAY-AS-YOU-USE payment system, so you can profit while you use them instead of worrying about monthly payment.

Do You provide step-by-step tutorials?

Yes. We not only pride ourselves on building apps that are easy-to-use out of the gate, but we’ve also put together complete tutorials on every step of Sendiio. And even if you still have trouble, our support is account to help.

What are your upsells?

Upsell #1: is our Sendiio Academy Training – In this training, I’m going to show you how to build your first 1,000 subscribers in the next 30 days or less. I’m going to share with you over 10 different FREE traffic strategies that you can start using TODAY to start building your list. This will be a one-time payment of $67

Upsell #2: is unlocking our VA license – This powerful and UNIQUE feature to Send, is the ability to give access to your VA to run campaigns for you and NEVER compromise your contacts. They’ll be able to send campaigns for you, but NEVER get access to ANY of your leads. NO OTHER autoresponder does this, with “those other guys” you have to actually give access to your entire account (and risk your leads being stolen) if you wanted to have someone run your campaigns for you. With this feature, you’ll still have the power to outsource but NEVER compromise your leads.

Upsell #3: is unlocking our Sendiio Booster feature – Yet another unique feature EXCLUSIVELY for Sendiio. Sending an email in the morning and then sending an email to those people who DID NOT open your emails LATER in the evening is one of the MOST profitable strategies when emailing your list. However, with EVERY other autoresponder, you actually have to log in again in the evening time to schedule this second email.

With Sendiio, we’ve automated this process. You set up your email ONCE in the morning time and you can have Sendiio AUTOMATICALLY send to your UNOPENS for you later in the day. You’ll be able to specify how many hours after your first email you want the second email to be sent And you’ll be able to automatically set a different subject line as well (another powerful trick when emailing your unopens)

Upsell #4: is access to EmailRamp and it’s Club Upsell in ONE. EmailRamp come preloaded with high-converting emails that you can copy and paste directly into your Sendiio account so you can profit right away WITHOUT ever writing a single word yourself. They have over 1700 emails in 9 different niches and 10 different types of emails from storytelling, re-engagement, product launch, emotional emails and much much more. Plus I negotiated that they include their Club Upsell which allows customizing and personalizing the emails AND being able to send them to your VA within the app so they can send them out for you. You get access to BOTH for onl $67 which outside of this deal, you’d have to buy EACH SEPARATELY! And that’s it! no other upsell after that and of course, they’re ALL optional!

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