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PictureNFTizer OTO – Create actual non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain using photos taken with your phone as well as images generated by any NFT generator app. Completely Hands-Off Approach To Overcoming The Number One Challenge Faced By NFT Creators When It Comes To The Initial Collection Sales On Open Sea.

Are you ready to learn about the ground breaking app that was the first to market with proprietary PNT technology? This app gives you the ability to turn photos taken with your phone and pictures created by any NFT generator app into actual NFTs that can be stored on the blockchain. Are you ready to learn more about this app?

If this is the case, I will not only demonstrate a solution that is 100 percent turnkey and accomplishes the task, but I will also explain how to solve the most significant challenge that NFT artists face when it comes to the initial collection sales on Open Sea.

PictureNFTizer OTO

The PNT Technology Takes Care Of All The Gruelling Work.

You would only need to provide some fundamental information, click a few buttons, and then your NFTs would be ready to mint on the blockchain. This is because the PNT technology handles all of the laborious tasks involved.
In addition to this, you do not require any previous experience in NFT or technology in order to carry out any of these steps.

The most popular NFTizer app in the world, featuring PNT technology. Directly from the dashboard, you may make changes to and deploy your NFTs Ethereum contract. A Ethereum NFT contact that is highly optimized. Reduces the cost of minting new NFTs by up to sixty percent. Includes absolutely free upgrades to the software. Cloud app, with no need to install anything. The Easiest Possible Way to Put It to Use

This is a demonstration of how simple it is to use the Motion NFT Maker.

1. Give your collection a name and a description before continuing.
2. After entering the maximum amount of NFTs that can be stored in the collection, deploy the NFT contract on the Ethereum network by clicking a few buttons.
3. Add the code to your website by cutting and pasting it, and then start making sales.

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Front End

$27 for the Picture NFTizerr, which is the Main Product.


PRO update, which includes an increase in collection size to 10,000 plus 30 collections and an unsold burner, costs $47.


NFT Whitelister is the most effective strategy to promote your business and costs $47.


Agency Upgrade, License to sell NFT art collection producing services, 5 team sub-accounts, +250 collections, and upgrade to 20,000 collections, Agency Upgrade, $97.


$37 for Motion NFT maker.


Motion NFT creator PRO, which includes an unlimited number of animations and a film of any length, costs $57.


$67 for MotionNFTmaker Enterprise, which allows for 1080p and 4k rendering and includes five sub user licenses.

OpenSea is a wonderful platform for secondary sales that can bring you wonderful royalties; however, due to the fact that it is so crowded right now, there is a small chance that the new collection will make successful initial sales there. This is unfortunate because OpenSea can bring you great royalties for secondary sales.
It appears to be a chicken-and-egg problem, in which you need to have a sold-out collection in order for people to be interested in trading your NFTs on OpenSea. However, selling out newly created collections on OpenSea is nearly impossible unless you are already well-known in the industry, have a large following, or have major lottery winner luck.

Without getting too deep into the specifics of the technology involved, “NFT” refers to “digital age art print,” which functions exactly like “real world art print,” only it takes place online. Nevertheless, there is a very interesting catch: it will be added to a blockchain after it is created. The minting process involves digitally carving the work of art into a blockchain in such a way that it cannot be deleted, but the owner of the work can be changed. The end product of the process of minting art is referred to as NFT.

At the highest level, NFT can be interpreted as simply meaning “one of a kind.”

It is the immutability of the blockchain that provides crypto art NFT its worth. This is due to the fact that art that has been coined to NFT can establish verifiable identity and scarcity. The practice of collecting things is deeply ingrained in the human psyche, and NFTs are merely the most recent manifestation of this interest.

You should now have a good understanding of crypto art, minting, and NFT thanks to what you just read. Watch these explainer and demo films here if you are ready to learn more about the wild world of crypto art NTFs and how even people who aren’t artists may participate in the market for these works, sell them, and earn passive royalties.

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