PageDyno OTO Upsells – Lead page creation just got a whole lot easier

Did you know that PageDyno-created landing pages with a video background not only boost trust but also encourage more people to opt-in? Incorporating a video backdrop is a great way to showcase your company, its goods, and more. Furthermore, anything can be done with a few mouse clicks. Because they allow you to promote social proof and page engagement before visitors have opted into your list, video backdrops can assist increase conversion rates. PageDyno makes it easy to create pages with video backgrounds without the need for any coding at all.


Easy to Make Multi-Step Pages

Using multistep opt-ins can lead to higher conversion rates, depending on your campaign. Instead of asking for the opt-in right away, ask a question or show something cool on a “Step 1” page before showing the opt-in form. – With PageDyno, it’s easy to fine-tune audience targeting and segmentation by running a multistep opt-in.

Make “pop-ups” on your pages

PageDyno lets you put your opt-in pages (even ones with more than one step) right into your own web pages by using a simple copy-and-paste code snippet. You can also set the pop-ups to “LOCK” on the page below. – TIP: Locking a page is a great way to get people to sign up before they can see certain content on your site. Many big news sites do this.

PLUS+ We’ve also made it possible to put these pop-ups on third-party websites (see demo #9 above).
You can also decide how often Pop-Ups show up for repeat visitors (Every visit, daily, weekly, or just one time and never show it again) — Just add the code to your HTML page or WordPress site and set a trigger to turn it on.

Triggers? What is it?

We’ve added activation “triggers” to PageDyno’s Pop-Up feature, which gives you more control over how and when your new pop-up boxes appear:

  • By Use buttons or text links on your pages that, when clicked, bring up a pop-up window.
  • As soon as the Page Loads – Great for news, special announcements, discount codes, and sales offers.
  • After a certain amount of time on the page, focus on your visitors who are most interested to get more sales.
  • When a certain amount of the page has been viewed. Choose the right spot to bring up a pop-up (your visitors might just think you have some kind of Jedi powers).
  • As an Exit Intent, give visitors a cool reason to stay and buy or sign up before they leave.


PageDyno Benefits and Features

Great Pages Quick

Use video backgrounds to make pages that stand out. No tech skills or design experience are needed, and there are no rigid templates to change or break. All you have to do is a point and click.
ONE-CLICK “CLONING”: If you’ve made a great page that gets a lot of traffic, all you have to do is click the “clone” button to copy it… Change to a new list, make any changes you want, and it’s ready to go in seconds!

Change and Stats

See at a glance which of your pages gets the most views and the best results. We’ve made it easy to optimize campaigns and get the best conversions for maximum ROI.

Anywhere You Can Make Pages

Even if you’re at the pool, on the way to a meeting, or halfway up a mountain, you can build, edit, and update your pages. As long as you can connect to the Internet, you’ll be fine.

PageDyno is All About Speed

It has social sharing built-in. With social sharing, people can find your page as soon as it’s up. With just one click, you can share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and email.

Tagging and Code Snippets

PageDyno is compatible with your Google Analytics/Tag Manager code and scripts. This means you can update tags from one place and nerd out on analytics if you want to:-)

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You, as an email marketer, are aware of one of the most important factors in expanding your customer base and subscriber base.

Having multiple landing pages is essential. Your subscriber list and earnings will expand at a quicker rate if you have a larger number of lead magnets and lead pages distributed throughout your market. Surely that’s first-year calculus? A higher number of lead pages coupled with an increase in targeted traffic should result in a greater number of subscribers and, ultimately, higher earnings. But the time investment required to design each individual landing page is prohibitive. Losing 20 minutes here and there adds up quickly, even if you’re incredibly skilled and speedy.

There are plenty more worthwhile pursuits that you could be doing right now.

Further complicating matters with the do-it-yourself approach, we have… It is possible that your landing pages are terrible. Absolutely nobody is interested in hearing that. It’s even more painful to own up to. When you put your whole being into something, it would be devastating to learn that your efforts were for naught. True, but you know what? No one will hold it against you if you acknowledge you aren’t the best lead-page designer in the world. You are an excellent list builder, and that is the most important thing. You may be considering having someone else handle all of the lead pages. Perhaps you’ve started doing it already. It’s not like you need me to explain the problem… Money.

To put it bluntly, yes, it’s pricey.

Although a talented designer is worth their weight in gold, they might quickly drain your resources if you hire them. What’s the deal, in other words? Most people who are trying to establish a mailing list waste either a lot of time or money on creating lead pages. Fortunately, there is a superior option available; it’s called PageDyno. With PageDyno, anyone can make high-converting lead pages in under three minutes. There is no necessity to learn how to code. Absolutely no artistic ability required. You can quickly and easily produce high-quality lead pages that mimic the work of a professional designer with only a few mouse clicks. But don’t take my word for it; check out the fantastic live demos, complete with moving images and video backgrounds.

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