MobiFirst Migrate OTO Upsells – Bring WordPress and Wix Sites Over With Migrate – MobiFirst’s Migrate tool allows customers to move content from their current WordPress and Wix websites to the MobiFirst platform.

Who Is MobiFirst For?

MobiFirst is for anyone who has a website and relies on Google search for traffic and wants the best performing websites on every type of device. So, to put it bluntly, it’s for EVERYONE.

What Does Mobile-First Mean And Why Is It So Important?

As of March 2018, Google started slowly implementing its “Mobile First” algorithm into its search engines. In a nutshell, websites that load faster and perform better across mobile, tablet and desktop devices, rank higher in Google’s search. It’s a change that makes it imperative to have the best performing websites on ALL devices across EVERY niche.

How Does MobiFirst Work?

MobiFirst is the first of its kind mobile site builder, that uses Mobile First technology to construct web pages. All other website builders, you design a webpage for a larger desktop screen first, then you condense that page to fit a tablet, and condense it even more to work on a phone. It’s what is called “Mobile-Friendly” and “Mobile Responsive”.

MobiFirst completely switches the process, by first building for a phone, and then adding elements (if you want) to fit on larger screens. THE RESULTS ARE TREMENDOUS – AND GAME-CHANGING, JUST LOOK FOR YOURSELF.

MobiFirst Migrate OTO Upsells

MobiFirst Migrate FE 1 – MobiFirst Limited Version $27

MobiFirst Migrate FE 2 – MobiFirst Migrate Unlimited $37

MobiFirst Migrate OTO 1 – Agency License $37

MobiFirst Migrate OTO 2 – Designers Template Club $67 one time or $12 per month for 1 year

MobiFirst Migrate OTO 3 – Local Marketing Add on Pack $47

OTO 4 – MobiFirst Advanced University Training $67 One time

Did you know WordPress and Wix sites may be hurting your business?

How? They aren’t optimized for speed on mobile, but Google wants speed on mobile because everyone is using mobile to surf the web, look up reviews, buy products – it’s where the future of the Internet already is and will continue to go. If your websites aren’t the fastest, best performing within your niche, you risk falling in the rankings, bounce rates increase, and you lose business.

Not to mention the enormous holes in site security, constant maintenance, and upkeep, all in addition to the awful performance. There’s absolutely no reason to put up with it.  We go over how you can fix all these problems with a simple solution.



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