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Logic Puzzle Mastery OTO

Are you ready to dive into a super-passionate puzzle niche that desperately needs more content? People are crazy about Logic Puzzle Mastery. Make Grid Logic Puzzles and Other Games. Adult and Child Puzzles. Make Your Puzzles a Theme! Make Use of Your Own Words Software generates puzzles for you; full training is provided.

Are these puzzles difficult and perplexing? They certainly are! That is what distinguishes them. People who enjoy solving logic puzzles can’t get enough of them! There is plenty of room in this market for your puzzles, and they are selling quickly! But you’re left wondering if they’re just too difficult to make.

Is it necessary to be a genius to create these puzzles?

Wrong! Logic Puzzle Mastery can be made by anyone. As long as you approach them rationally! (Intended pun). They are simple to make once you understand how they work. Logic Puzzle Mastery includes comprehensive training that teaches you everything you need to know to create these exciting grid logic puzzles! The grids and categories are generated by software. You simply fill in the blanks (training demonstrates how)!

Why bother? This market is brimming with ardent repeat buyers! The competition is low, and the opportunity to earn a lot of money is real. Every month, the top books in this market earn hundreds of thousands of dollars.
There is plenty of space in this market. I see how much people enjoy these puzzles all the time. Just ask anyone! But who makes them? There are only a few publishers. This is your golden chance to break into this exciting market!

Logic Puzzle Mastery OTO

INTRODUCING…Logic Puzzle Mastery

Grid Logic Puzzles are the most common type! Nonograms – use logic to deduce the patterns. Symbol Math entails deducing answers from pictures rather than numbers. Word Tetris – A difficult combination of Crosswords and Tetris Kid Level Puzzles.

Logic Puzzle Mastery OTO, Click Here for Detail

Front End $47
Nonograms, Word Tetris, and Symbol Math are all examples of logic puzzles. All software was developed. These puzzles have adult and child levels.

OTO 1 $37
Three new puzzle types are included: Cube Logic, Magic Squares, and Sequence.

Let’s not get too deep into this one. Logic puzzles are among the most difficult puzzle types. You must actually think your way around them. People who enjoy logic puzzles become addicted to them and cannot get enough of them (trust me, I am one of them!)
However, the problem has been that puzzle makers (such as our customers) are unable to create them.

They are overly complex, slow, and perplexing.

Not any longer! I wrote software that generates Logic Puzzle Mastery for you! Full training demonstrates how to use the software to create the logic puzzle and how to create the clues that go with it. These puzzles are suitable for both adults and children.

Of course, these are incredible figures, but what about… Creating logic puzzles in a specific niche? Bible Logic Puzzles, Sports Logic Puzzles, Retiree Logic Puzzles, and many more! Logic puzzles can help you find a new angle in your niche!

Questions and Answers About Logic Puzzle Mastery

What kind of computer do I require? It makes no difference. All that is required is an internet connection. This is a membership website that is hosted in the cloud. I’m not familiar with logic books. Is this going to work for me?
Certainly! There is no prerequisite knowledge required. Everything you need to know is explained in simple video training.

Does Logic Puzzle Mastery include commercial rights? Yes! Any puzzles or other content created with Logic Puzzle Mastery are fully commercially licensed. Use in books, printables, POD products, and so on. Any language about personal rights you see only refers to the software and training videos.

Are the puzzles intended for children? Are they too complicated for children? The product includes puzzles for both adults and children. None of these are suitable for young children. The child level logic puzzles are estimated to be appropriate for children aged 10 and up. The adult puzzles will be fine for teenagers.

Is this in large print? No, the font size used in the generated PDFs is smaller than what is required for large print.

Can I put these up for sale on Etsy?

Absolutely! You can sell these anywhere you want. The output is in PDF format, which is commonly found as a digital download on Etsy. Are there any upsells available? One upsell includes more puzzles. After purchasing the main product, you will see the upsell offer.

How is the software creating these puzzles? The software generates the logic puzzle grids, which contain the categories you uploaded for your own puzzles. The remaining steps are to find the clues. There is instruction on how to do this. The other puzzle types in Logic Puzzle Mastery are completely automated; the software handles everything.

Will everyone get the same puzzles? Which of these could result in a duplicate content issue? No. You can either upload your own words or the software will generate unique puzzles for you. There is no overlap. What should I do if I need assistance or have additional questions? To contact the help desk.

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