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Levidio The Feed Volume 2 OTO

Fastest and Easiest Way to Create Studio Quality 3D & 2D Design That Sells! from the creator of 28x product of the day award winner! Let me introduce Levidio. BRAND, The Feed Volume 2 Levidio has made a breakthrough that will assist anyone in creating better promotion and branding in order to dominate all social media platforms.

The Feed Volume 2 by Levidio includes 11 Modules and 3545+ Templates and Assets. Discover the Quick and Easy Way to Create Studio-Quality Videos and Graphics WITHOUT Complex Programming or Editing Skills. You can now use Powerpoint and Canva to create your own highly engaging 3D/2D video and graphics in minutes!

Newbie-Friendly – Thoroughly Tested There are no technical skills!

Create high-quality 3D / 2D video and graphics for all marketing needs, including explainer videos, social media kits, microblogs, Instagram content, tiktok videos, YouTube videos, facebook feeds, whatsapp stories, twitter feeds, marketplace designs, and many more.

There is no need for an additional plugin because everything is done within PowerPoint. Make a FULL HD video of your work. Get instant access to 3,545+ high-quality templates and assets. Step-by-step tutorials assist you in getting started in minutes.

Levidio The Feed Volume 2 OTO

Begin By Using Levidio Volume 2 of The Feed in 3 Easy Steps

Levidio The Feed Volume 2 is designed to allow even beginners to create professional 3D & 2D videos and graphics for any purpose!

  • Choose
    Choose from Hundreds of Professional Templates Done for You
  • Customize
    Templates can be easily modified. Follow the tutorial and modify it to suit your needs.
  • Export
    You can export 4K video and graphics in high quality.

Today, social media is the world’s largest traffic source, and traffic is one of the most important factors in increasing your sales.

Even according to We Are Social data, hootsuite: 83 percent of Internet users are social media users (we are social), and 3.8 billion people use social media (we are social). Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Tiktok dominate the internet, primarily with video content. It’s now your turn to rule the internet and social media with high-quality graphics and video that sell!

However, there are numerous issues with social media optimization. Creating Social Media Content Is Difficult. Furthermore, producing high-quality designs in a short period of time is difficult. And hiring a designer is costly.

We found a solution for you: Levidio The Feed Volume 2.

Levidio has made a breakthrough that will assist anyone in creating better promotion and branding in order to dominate all social media platforms. Levidio The Feed Volume 2 contains 11 incredible modules. With over 3545 Templates and assets spread across 11 Modules, you can make your video and graphic design better than ever! The Best Features That Set Levidio the Feed Volume 2 Apart From Other Levidio Series.

Instagram, tiktok, facebook, twitter, whatsapp, youtube, and many other popular social media platforms are compatible! Click, customize, and replace images, colors, text, and audio using only PowerPoint. Getting ready with The Feed Volume 2 is now faster and easier thanks to our step-by-step tutorial. Your social media design will be more appealing and appealing with an innovative design. Use our templates and assets for personal use without restriction. Our assets are simple to integrate, and you can use them with other software in addition to PowerPoint!

Levidio The Feed Volume 2 OTO

Front End, Click Here for Detail

$17 – $19.95
Volume 2 of Levidio’s The Feed: 11 Amazing Modules Inside Levidio Pro (FE) With over 3,500+ templates and assets spread across 11 Modules, Levidio Pro (FE) is ready to help make your 3D / 2D Video & Graphic design better than ever!

More than 2200 Social Media Kit Designs, 300+ Designs for Social Media Feeds. More than 300 Tiktok, Instagram Reels, and Youtube Shorts, 300+ Animations for Short Ads. 80+ 3D Feed and Icon Sets, 40+ Infographic Designs That Are Animated, 10+ Designs for Animated Frames.

Animated Designs 10+, Designs for 100+ Branding Kits, 40+ Ecommerce Feed Templates. 70+ Designs for Animated News Explainers, 15+ Animated Microblogging Sites, Commercial License Tutorials in Steps.

OTO 1, Click Here for Detail

$47 Levidio The Feed Volume 2 Pro

OTO 2, Click Here for Detail

$77 Levidio Bundle

OTO 3, Click Here for Detail

Levidio Pro Elite $37 Discount


Using this brand new amazing tool called Levidio The Feed volume 2, anyone can now easily and quickly create studio quality 3D/2D video & graphics for YouTube, social media, or ANY purpose.

All of the specifics can be found here. Levidio the feed volume 2 is a BRAND NEW – most recent series from levidio, with key features that make it the best levidio version to date:

  1. Multifunctional, all templates are highly customizable, allowing you to quickly create a high-quality design for ANY business.
  2. Outstanding 3D and 2D Design.
  3. Compatibility with all major social media platforms.
  4. Templates for Canva are now available. Levidio now offers a large number of templates that you can easily edit using the free version of Canva!

Check out these 11 amazing modules from levidio the feed.

Module One: Social Media Toolkit
Module 2: Templates for Social Media Feeds
Tiktok, IG Reels, and Youtube Shorts Templates
Module 4: Templates for Short Ads
5th Module: 3D Feed and Icon Kit
Module 6: Templates for Animated Infographics
Module 7: Templates for Animated Frames
Module 8: Full Branding Kit
Ecommerce Design Kit (Module 9)
Templates for News Explainers, Module 10
Microblog Templates (Module 11)

This product is described in two words: EXTREMELY COMPLETE! And it comes highly recommended. Get your hands on Levidio The Feed Volume 2 as soon as possible!