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You might know one or two businessmen who boast about the number of their employees. Or you met a businessman who brags about how big his/her office is and how glorious to have one. That is indeed something to be concussed, and it is a great thing to show. The fact is it is not easy to manage that big office with many employees. However, at the end of the day, you are wondering, is that how you want to be? Is that the final purpose of doing business? What is the indicator of success in the business, does having a great building with plenty of employees are one of them? Let us answer those questions with a brief of thinking.

Stay Small

Try to think if the current you have a bigger number of employees, then you think about the jobs to be done in your daily routine. You realize that you do not need that much of a person to finish the job. The bigger team is less efficient for your current business situation. Stay small does not mean you are slow, it means you are efficient and effective when you try to finish the job. You just need to develop your strategy when you are doing a small business, create a system where you can get what you want in the future. You can be faster when you are small, it means you save more  energy with a fair number of employees.

Improve Efficiency

You do not need 2-3 people to run ads and manage digital marketing. You can hire one person and utilize proper integrated tools or apps to help the job. It is like you integrate Email Marketing with Facebook Ads. Or integrating Email Marketing with Landing Page Builder. Even integrating KIRIM.EMAIL with thousand premium apps with Zapier. Yes, integrating several apps will help your business process efficiently. By integrating KIRIM.EMAIL with many Zapier apps, then you can get updated data quickly and automatically. Integrate KIRIM.EMAIL with Zapier apps right now in your dashboard:

“In business, speed matters.”

That is what Jeff Bezos said, that is what makes Amazon as big as today. The speed of your action determines the improvement of your business.

If you can move faster than your competitor, they will not catch you up.

Be Faster

Everything is getting faster, especially if you have a special occasion ahead. There are many things you have to prepare quickly for your business. You must prepare your campaign, you must create a packaging product with the special theme, including the preparation on the email promotion. In KIRIM.EMAIL premium template, it will be a lot easier to create email promotion during the special event. You can choose a template that matches your business and use it right away.

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