Interactiva OTO Upsells by Maulana Malik

Interactiva is ONE OF THE FIRST OF ITS KIND Levidio’s revolutionary technology enables you to make fantastic and highly engaging presentations, e-courses, quizzes, and games with just PowerPoint, allowing you to quickly and easily captivate, engage, and acquire more customers.
Interactiva’s first-to-market technology lets you make interactive campaigns that you can embed in your own website or blog.

interactive oto upsells

Interactiva OTO Upsells

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Interactiva Features

Here’s everything that comes with Interactiva:

Make as many presentations, e-courses, webinar games, and quizzes as you want that are of high quality.
There is no limit to how many interactive presentations, ecourses, webinars, games, and quizzes you can make with Interactiva. You and your clients can make as many projects as you want.

Popular Niche Templates Already Made
Based on our research into the best-selling ecourse niches in the world, our team has made world-class templates for the most popular niches.

Editable/Customizable Just Drag and Drop Will Do
All of the Elements are easy to change. Images, video, text, and audio are all supported, so you can make better, more interesting videos and presentations for any need.

Interactiva Can Be Used In ALL Markets
ALL slide templates and elements are easy to change, so you can use interactiva to make projects for ANY niche.

Presentation and Video Mode for Animated Videos
You can do either of the following: “Presentation style” mode that you can click on and “animation video mode”

Get paid for your interactive content and sell more with it.
Put a link to your PayPal account or any other payment method inside Interactiva so that your customers can buy things through your interactive content.

Use the Interactiva Lead Form to get more leads.
If you ask your customer for his or her name and email address, Interactiva will automatically export that information into XML Full HD –

4K Resolutions.
You can export to 4K Video or use it as a presentation format.

Add a video to your slide.
You can make your projects more powerful by adding video to your Interactiva slide templates.

Quizzes and games with a nice score feature
With the “score feature” from interactiva, you can give your customers or viewers a reward if they finish the game. Interactiva can be used for business presentations, e-courses, and many other things. Make any kind of video or presentation for any reason.

D-F-Y Landing Pages That Work Well
Start selling your e-course today with the help of our beautifully designed landing page.

A step-by-step guide
We have given you a step-by-step video tutorial that will help you learn Interactiva quickly and get the most out of it.


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