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Instant Puzzle Generator OTO 1 – PRO VERSION ($47). Click here to learn more

PRO Upgrade Features:

  • Download UNLIMITED Puzzle Books
    With this PRO upgrade you will unlock the unlimited edition. That means you can create as many or as little puzzle books as you need for your business. This is just way too powerful!
  • Download Full Puzzle Books as PowerPoint Files
    You know how powerful PowerPoint is and with this upgrade you will be able to download complete fully formatted books in PowerPoint file format. Once done, you have complete flexibility to edit your books the way you want.
  • Developer’s License Included
    With this license you can create puzzle books for clients who in turn can sell their books on Amazon KDP.
  • Unlimited Color Options
    In the front end offer you got limited color options. With this upgrade you will be able to use any color of your choice for customizing your puzzles.

instant puzzle generator oto

Value of This OTO 1:

  • Download complete books in PowerPoint format for easy editing outside of the app – $197
  • Do not get restricted to the color palettes provided in the front end app. Add your own color palette from unlimited choices and color options – $197
  • Developer’s license so you can profit by creating puzzle books for clients – $197
  • Step by step video tutorials to work with the app – $97

Instant Puzzle Generator OTO 2 – DFY Word List ($37). Click here to learn more

  • 10,000 words list Done For You
  • Create HIGH QUALITY puzzle books in minutes
  • All the HARD WORK is Done For You!
  • Upload once and continue profiting for years
  • Step by step training provided

Instant Puzzle Generator OTO 3 – Cover Templates ($37)

What is Instant Puzzle Generator?

Below are the features below:

Customize Title & Description
You have 100% control over your titles and descriptions. Customize them at will.

Quick Edit Dashboard
Quickly add or remove words from your puzzles right inside of the dashboard.

Detailed Training
We have created step-by-step detailed training videos to help you get started quick.

Download Individual Puzzles Or Whole Books

  • Download either an individual puzzle or a complete 100 page book…it’s your choice!
  • Use the global edit settings to download the entire books
  • Use the local edit settings to download individual images

900+ Font Options
Yep! That’s right! You can choose from as many as 900+ high quality fonts for your puzzles.

Multiple Grid Sizes
Want to change the grid size? It’s as easy as a click of a button.

  • Use 8X8 to 10X10 grid sizes for kids puzzles
  • Use 12X12 to 20X20 grid sizes for complex adult puzzles

Multiple File Formats
We provide output files in PNG, JPG, PDF and even PPTX format! Ease of Use is the name of the game.

Multiple Page Numbering Styles
No detail is too small for us! You can select from as many as 4 different page numbering options.

Puzzle Regeneration
The app allows you to shuffle the letters to create a whole new puzzle variant using the same words.

Multiple Trim Sizes
Create your book in the trim size of your choice right inside the app. You are not limited to specific trim sizes.

Puzzle Clues
You get to position the clues in 3 different styles. How cool is that?

  • Place the clues as comma separated phrases at the bottom in a paragraph format
  • Place the clues in two columns at the bottom of the puzzle
  • Place the clues on the right of the puzzle should you fancy that
  • Stunning Border Options
  • Choose from a variety of border options
  • Outer border only
  • Outer and inner border
  • No border on the puzzles

Multiple Answer Page Layouts
Choose from 1, 2 or 4 solution images per page for your answer sheets.

Multiple Solution Styles
Don’t stick to boring solution images. Create stunning solutions that stand out…

  • Solutions with bounding box around the answers
  • Solutions with circles around the letters of the answers
  • Show the filler letters and the answers in different colors and shades
  • Choice to remove the filler letters and show answers only

Multi-Color Puzzle Options
Complete flexibility to choose the color of fonts and borders of the puzzles.

We are paranoid about our customer support. We have got a manned helpdesk and a community of publishers in the form of a fb group to help you get unstuck.

Please Note: You have to buy the Front-End, you may not get access if you only buy the OTO without buying the Front-End. Click here to get the Front-End

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