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Flagship PLR No Writing Book Writing OTO – Get PLR to a course that teaches beginners how to write a great book even if they don’t know how to write well! This course covers how to create a book for Amazon KDP publishing, including Low Content books for new writers who can’t write well…by outsourcing, using public domain content, and more!

“No Writing Book Writing” is now available.

“No Writing Book Writing,” as taught and presented by Alex Genadinik, is a complete 8-module, 22-video training course created by Alex Genadinik that has been taught to over 2,300 students on Udemy with a 4.7 overall customer rating. For a limited time, you can get it with PLR at a steep discount.

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Flagship PLR No Writing Book Writing OTO


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“No Book Writing No Writing”

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Front End

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Because most people are afraid of obscurity when it comes to Amazon KDP. And they won’t make it on Amazon with traditional writing unless they know how to write exceptionally well. They will be completely ignored. That is not only infuriating, but also embarrassing.

Fortunately for them, and unknown to many of them who are new to this, they do not need to write well to be successful with Amazon book publishing. In fact, they don’t even need to write anything. And this course you can sell them will teach them how to succeed on Amazon as a book publisher without writing – by using proven methods such as using Public Domain content, Low Content publishing (journals, blank recipe books, workbooks, etc.), and even hiring Ghostwriters.

And the BIG BENEFIT FOR YOU is that if your customers choose a path based on the lessons in this course, you’ll be able to sell them other courses or promote other products and courses as an affiliate that will help them even more.

Right now, you can get PLR to this course for 60% off, but this offer will expire soon, so take advantage of it while you can.

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