EyeSlick OTO Upsells

EyeSlick OTO Upsells

You will be able to create their own channels OR invite clients and friends and will be rewarded with 5% of ALL future income on your referrers channels. EyeSlick is perfect for ANY niche, online or offline. Keep reading below to see some ideas for how our EyeSlick channels are being used in virtually any niche for any type of person, profession and skill set.

EyeSlick team have secured $1M in Venture Capital funding with the express purpose of driving traffic to channel creator’s videos and explode this platform. You will be able to give away ground level access so the early channel creators will get a MASSIVE advantage including more (VC funded) paid traffic, better positioning, larger audiences and less competition until this gets HUGE!

eyeslick oto upsells

EyeSlick OTO Upsells

Front End: EyeSlick Agency Licenses. Price: $24.97 – $47.00. Click here to learn more

You will be given licenses with the option to:

  • Create eyeSlick channels, listing as many digital/physical products as they like or
  • Sell and/or give away licenses for users to create ecom and traffic enabled video channels
  • You will earn 5% founders royalty fees on every sale the channel creator earns either from sales of physical eCom goods or phone coaching/live video sales or any other way the channel provider monetizes their channel.
  • They are limiting sales to 10,000 license bundles – Once those are sold NO MORE will be available. This is NOT fake scarcity.

EyeSlick OTO 1 – vTail Manifesto. Price: $67.00. Click here to learn more

  • Channel Targeter Cheatsheets
  • 6 spreadsheets with breakdowns of all channel sub categories and relevant professions they can approach to give away channels
  • 6 Part Video Training Series
  • Exclusive content, high value
  • PDF Companion Documents
  • Promo Resource Bundle
  • Includes email swipe series, professional made video ads, done for you ad creatives with source code, powerpoint presentation and followup scripts if they want to give the channels away to offline business people or over the phone
  • Website Creation Tools & Training
  • Training showing how to get an agency-type website up and running.

EyeSlick OTO 2 – VIP Membership. Price: $197. Click here to learn more

Channels they create will be given lifetime pro-status


  • Add unlimited products (no longer limited to 4 products per channel)
  • Record and publish more content on their channel (host up to 10hrs of video content)
  • Advertising removed.
  • Advertising will be added into the platform about 4 weeks after we launch. If you have a pro account you won’t see any ads on the platform and viewers won’t see ads displayed on your channel.
  • Any channel invites you give away will upgrade your referrals to pro for 6 months
  • They can sell more, earning you more
  • Inclusion in the eyeSlick Pool
  • Automatically share/distribute our pool of queued guests spots

OTO 3 EyeSlick vTail Overflow. Price: $297. Click here to learn more

  • [+] Boost earnings with an extra 3% of the revenue (so 8% total)
    [+] 20% discount on purchasing future invites
    [+] Channel invites get $20 instead of $10 as a bonus for inviting people to eyeSlick
  • EyeSlick dollars (or just ‘dollars’) are the internal marketplace monetization system and is used to purchase videos, video time from coaches and anyone offering video services.


EyeSlick merges both video and retail together to create a powerful, highly profitable way to allow you to profit from social media in 3 easy steps.

STEP 1: Join Today. Choose your eyeslick channel package.
Step 2: Copy & Paste. Use our copy/paste tools & training.
Step 3: Profit. Profit with video, even if they’re not yours!

It’s really that easy.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Go check out this, straight to the point demo video where you will see why this one, easy to use platform will change eCommerce forever.


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