Equinox OTO Upsells by Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong

Equinox OTO Upsells – This is brand new hijack your way to 100/day the MOST unique and EASIEST way to 100/day. Are you ready to see what could be the EASIEST way to get to 100/day? I know that may sound a bit ‘hyper’, but say with me. I’m talking about a NEW method and software that allows you to generate quick commissions from YouTube:

  • WITHOUT having to create a video
  • WITHOUT having to upload a video
  • WITHOUT having to pay for ads
  • WITHOUT needing to have your channel
  • WITHOUT having to do any SEO
  • WITHOUT having to set up a website
  • WITHOUT needing a hosting account
  • WITHOUT needing an autoresponder
  • You don’t need ANYTHING!

equinox oto upsells

Yup, this new system and software allow you to legally hijack OTHER people’s video traffic and generate affiliate commissions in 24 hours or less. It’s one of the most genius strategies I’ve seen in a while to generate highly targeted video traffic and sales, FAST! Short on time? Check out EXACTLY how it works here The BEST part about this system is that you can DIRECT link to affiliate offers.

And it works for:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • CPA Offers
  • E-commerce Stores
  • Your products
  • Other Online Events
  • Building A Highly Targeted List In Any Niche

Equinox OTO Upsells

Equinox FE

This is a brand new software/training solution that you’re going to LOVE. the software covers 2 crucial points;

  1. Traffic: The software will seek out “Dead Links” (Links That Go To A 404 Page) inside of YouTube that you can easily “Revive” by purchasing the corresponding domain name. You can then re-direct this link anywhere you like (affiliate offer, ClickBank, squeeze page, Ecom store, etc). This enables you to INSTANTLY grab traffic from OTHER PEOPLE’S YouTube videos… without creating any videos yourself
  2. Monetize: The second part of the product includes detailed training showing you how how to turn that easy traffic into money from; ClickBank, JVzoo, Warrior Plus, and Lead Generation.

Training is included in 3 different “Difficulty” levels showing you EXACTLY how to make BIG money from this free traffic step-by-step

Equinox OTO 1 ($47/Quarterly) – “Equinox Pro”

The FE of Equinox is limited to 20 searches per day and basic monetization training. The pro version allows you to perform up to 500 searches per day (more than enough) plus comes with detailed “Advanced” monetization training.

We’ve also included our “Galaxy Search” feature which digs even deeper into YouTube to find additional videos that use the same “dead / expired” domain with multiple variations/page extensions… Allowing the user to not just find 1 link, but MULTIPLE links. All of which can be re-directed to multiple pages.

Equinox OTO 2 ($67) – Equinox Wikipedia Version + Case Studies

Yes, you can now perform the same “Dead Link” searches not only on YouTube but also on the 5th largest website on the planet… Wikipedia. Equinox Wikipedia version allows you to plug in the whole Wikipedia site into Equinox, expanding your search by DOUBLE.

The Wikipedia upgrade also comes with 3 case studies showing the user how our BETA testers used Equinox to make money… Showing the exact niches, keywords, offers and the exact affiliate networks used.

Equinox OTO 3 ($197) – “Our $1k Commission System”

A complete DFY solution for you to use our high ticket offer which pays out $1000 commissions per sale. All of the groundwork has been done leaving you to target and profit. Simply send the traffic from Equinox to our high converting auto-webinar hosted on our pages and let US do the selling for you while YOU generate $1000 per sale.

Equinox OTO 4 ($297) – “The Ultimate Collection”.

A collection of ALL of Our Best Selling Products… Access Over 35 “Deal Of The Day” Products from 2017 to Date.

Equinox OTO 5 ($167) – Licence Rights to sell “Equinox” as your product.

This product has taken months to develop/create and thousands of dollars have been spent creating all the sales material. Buyers of this upsell can enjoy 100% commissions on this awesome high converting funnel while we handle the selling and support.

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