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CryptoKit OTO is a decentralized exchange (or DEX for short) for cryptocurrency that is hosted in the cloud and may be branded.

Decentralized exchanges, or DEXs, are becoming increasingly popular, and Crypto Kit is one such platform that can be hosted in the cloud and branded. To receive passive, automated fees from every purchase, sale, and trade made using your website’s cryptocurrency exchange.

However, that’s just the tip of the financial possibilities iceberg. Visitors to their Crypto Kit website can automatically receive prizes on your site once every fifteen minutes.

On our test site, we reward users with up to 50 Satoshi coins, which may seem like a lot of money but is actually only around 12 cents, whereas the advertisements you just showed them pay out in about 50 cents to $1 in Bitcoin directly to the owner of the Crypto Kit website.

The Crypto Kit admin panel serves as the portal via which a website’s owner can withdraw Bitcoin earned from the display of advertisements.

Your website visitors can participate in money-making lotteries and coin-flipping activities, and your members can take advantage of a viral referral program that gives them ten percent of their friends’ earnings as a bonus.

This is first to market, and it couldn’t come at a better moment for stocking cryptocurrency wallets, since there’s no need to invest, buy, trade, or otherwise stress over the volatile cryptocurrency market. It’s perfect in every way

crypto oto

CryptoKit OTO

Crypto Kit is a cloud-hosted, brandable cryptocurrency DEX.

Crypto Kit is a cloud-hosted, brandable DEX. People can connect their crypto wallets or create one on your website to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies, earning you passive, automatic fees.

Earning potential is much higher. Their Crypto Kit website lets visitors earn crypto by claiming rewards every 15 minutes.

On our test site, we give them up to 50 Satoshi currency as a reward, which may sound exciting and add up for them, but right now 50 Satoshi will cost you approximately 1 or 2 cents, while the advertising you’ve just displayed to them pay out in roughly 50 cents to $1 of Bitcoin from the Crypto Kit website owner.

Ad profits can be claimed in Bitcoin on the Crypto Kit website owner’s dashboard.

Lotto and flip-a-coin games make admin additional earnings, and a viral referral program rewards users 10 percent of what their recommended friends earn — costing you next to nothing and multiplying your revenues like crazy.

This is first to market, at the optimum time to load wallets with bitcoin – without risk or needs to invest, buy, trade, or panic about the crypto market. Perfect!

OTO 1 Unleashing Crypto Kit $19.97/month, $197/year, $297 once

  • They can publish 3 crypto kits to offer payouts in various currencies, target different audiences, etc.
  • They can send push notifications to members to bring them back to their website or to other links/sites.
  • Customize Pro Lotto: Choose the amount, admin fee percentage, tickets, and logo.
  • Customize Pro Coin Flip’s graphics, coin types, and admin cut.
  • Viral Affiliate Features: Increase or decrease referral payouts.
  • Domain name Future Upgrades Included: Automatic on Crypto kit websites.
  • Pro Blog Features: Unlimited posts, more.

 OTO 2 Traffic Kits $19, $47,$97 Bundles

We’ve had great success with crypto-focused test traffic. We’ll run your selected clicks to your Crypto Kit website to activate the viral system.

OTO 3 resellers $147-97

Crypto Kit agency dashboard lets them build client accounts. 20 or 50-account options.

Bundle offer (skip OTO/funnels)

$297 BUNDLE DEAL bundle crypto (ONLY available during launch) $297-Then $197-A-Year

Upgrade Crypto Kit Whitelabel App to construct 3 websites Enable Push Notifications
Customize Pro Lotto, Pro Coin Flip
Viral Affiliate customization
Own a domain
Pro blog functions
4,000 clicks for 50 Crypto Kit accounts

CryptoKit OTO Description

I’ve been raving my head off about the Crypto Kit for a while. I haven’t been this excited about a product for a long time! Cindy really surprised me with this one and I can’t wait for you to get your hands on it. 

I would hate for you to miss this live call and the opportunity to get free access to this amazing software. But I must warn you, seats are limited and there are hundreds of people knocking on the doors to get in. Once the seating capacity is maxed out, you’ll miss out. So use the link above to sign up now and ensure that you show up on time. It allows anyone to earn passive crypto payments consistently!

It’s not like those other platforms that require you to buy, hold and trade digital currencies. In fact, you don’t need to risk a single cent out of your pocket. 

  • No need to buy
  • No need to hold
  • No need to trade

And best of all, there are no risks! Crypto Kit is remarkable software that you only need to activate once (takes less than 5 minutes). Once it’s activated there will be no limit on your earning potential. Want to see a real-life demo of how it works and the type of ca$h you can earn?

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