Crushrr OTO Upsells – Most people that have tried to start making money online have bought into the promises of the various ‘Make Money Online’ products and know that unfortunately, the vast majority of them fail to deliver. Leaving them feeling frustrated, broke and on the verge of giving up. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some great products that actually do work and the only reason people have failed after buying them is that they haven’t taken action. I can go on about this point forever but I’ll save it for another time.

Having been in that position of buying crappy products and feeling extreme overwhelm, it is refreshing to see a new software by Billy Darr and David Kirby which has just launched and it’s called Crushrr which now makes it possible for complete beginners to crush it online.

Crushrr OTO Upsells


OTO 1 Name and Price:Pro Edition $67
OTO 2 Name and Price: 100k Edition $47 
OTO 3 Name and Price: DFY Edition $197
OTO 4 Name and Price: Diamond Edition $47
OTO 5 Name and Price: Luxury Edition $197
Front-End Price:$22
Total OTO Upsells5 OTOs

Crushrr OTO Upsells

Front End: Crushrr – $22 (Price Will Rise Every 60 Mins). >> Click here for more details

The front end product includes the software, video training program, and case study.

The Amazon affiliate software creates targeted Amazon Affiliate sites along with affiliate link/ banners resulting in affiliate commissions.

Crushrr OTO 1: Crusher – Pro Edition – $67. >> Click here for more details

Crushrr OTO 2: Crushrr – 100K Edition – $47. >> Click here for more details

Crushrr OTO 3: Crushrr – Done-For-You Edition – $197. >> Click here for more details

Crushrr OTO 4: Crushrr – Diamond Edition – $47. >> Click here for more details

Crushrr OTO 5: Crushrr – Luxury Edition – $197. >> Click here for more details

Frequently Asked Questions About Crushrr

What is Crushrr?

Crushrr creates stunning affiliate sites loaded with proven-to-convert products from the world’s biggest marketplace with a few clicks of your mouse. These sites are optimized for free traffic & top conversions so you can make sales with just a few minutes per day.

Does Crushrr have anything to do with Fiverr?

No, Crushrr has NOTHING to do with Fiverr, paid traffic, offline marketing, traditional affiliate marketing, or anything else you’ve tried and failed with.

Is Crushrr really newbie friendly?

Yes it is. You don’t need any design or coding skills to use Crushrr to create traffic-getting affiliate sites that look great & make you money.

How does Crushrr work?

Step #1 – Login To Crushrr And Find Hot Products From The World’s Largest Online Marketplace In Seconds
Step #2 – Create A Stunning Affiliate Sites & Add Your Newly-Founds Products With Just A Few Clicks
Step #3 – Use The Traffic Features To Get FREE Traffic And Start Making Sales Right Away

Is Crushrr cloud-based?

Yes, Crushrr is a cloud-based tool that features an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard and works on device.

What kind of results will Crushrr get me?

With Crushrr, you’ll be able to take a big shortcut to success by creating stunning affiliate sites that get free traffic & make you sales without any design skills or hard work required on your side.

What makes Crushrr different than other software tools like this?

What if I change my mind after getting Crushrr?

We know you’re going to love Crushrr, but if for some crazy reason you change your mind, just let us know, and we’ll get you a refund of your tiny invetment.

How do I get Crushrr at the lowest price possible?

During this special launch, we’ve eliminated the monthly fee and slashed the price on Crushrr so click the button below now.

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