Convertri 2019 OTO Upsells

Convertri 2019 OTO Upsells – Convertri Builds Video Pages Almost 100% Faster Than The Closest Competitor Your video should be your secret weapon. And now, it can be. Because Convertri pages ARE built for performance. Automatic image optimization. Minified code. Edge delivery from a custom world-class CDN. And the fastest video player on the market to make sure your videos are bringing in ALL the conversions you deserve. And that means it doesn’t matter if you use one, two, or twenty videos… you can stack your pages with more film than Oscar night and it’ll still load like a beast.

Over 4,000 People Already Use Convertri For Their Pages And Funnels… And This Is Your Chance To Join Them Let’s be clear. This is not a fly-by-night product that the devs have forgotten even exists. Since we launched back in 2016, we’ve released an update every single week. The list of features we’ve added since then is longer than the whole roadmap for most apps. We’ve served billions of pages. We’ve supported millions of dollars of sales. We’re used by companies as large as Shell.

convertri oto upsells

Convertri 2019 OTO Upsells

FE: Convertri 2019: $297 for 12 months Convertri access. Convertri 2019 comes with our new blazingly fast video player which lets us build the fastest, highest-converting video pages on the web… and we’re even throwing in the Page Importer as a bonus.

OTO1: Convertri Autowebinars: $297 one-time. A brand-new add-on module that lets users run their own super-fast auto webinars, directly from Convertri.

OTO2: Triple Limits: $197 one-time. Get triple the allowance for pages, funnels, traffic, and domains.

OTO3: Convertri Pro: $37/mo. Access to Pro features including Collections, Form-to-Email, Dynamic Text, Team Members, and access to our new Lightning Video Hosting – letting your videos load in a


Do I have to use Convertri to build sales funnels?
You can use Convertri for sales funnels, individual landing pages, even complete websites.

What’s your support like?
We think it’s pretty good 🙂

Can I use Convertri with WordPress?
Sure can. Once you’ve created your account, you’ll be able to download the Convertri Connector WordPress plugin, which’ll let you display any of your Convertri pages on your WordPress site.

Do you provide the SSL or do I need to use something like Cloudflare?
We do it all for you. Your Convertri subdomain has SSL by default, and you can switch it on any custom domains with a single click.

Can I run a product launch on Convertri?
You bet you can – this one’s on Convertri right now. Our publishing network is the most solid you’ll find. However much traffic you drive, it won’t be a problem.

Can I share my pages and funnels?
Sure can. Just select ‘share’, and you’ll be given a text code. Pass that test code to whoever you want to share your page or funnel with, and they’ll be able to import a copy into their Convertri account.

What if I go over my traffic limit?
Not a problem. If you’re a power-user, just get in touch at once you’ve set up your Convertri account. You can add extra traffic to your Convertri account for $30/100k impressions.

What happens when my 12 months are up?
You’ll get an e-mail a couple of weeks before the deadline reminding you, and you’ll have the option of subscribing at a special discount rate of $37/month. If you love Convertri, awesome! You just locked in the cheapest rate you’ll ever find. If you don’t, just ignore it. There’s no automatic subscription here – we want you staying with us to be your choice.

Do I keep the Page Importer?
Absolutely. If you stay subscribed, everything you have now you’ll keep.

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