ContentGenie OTO Upsells

What is ContentGenie? The World’s First and only Content Creation and Social Media Management Alternative that generates 100% Original Content using the Same New tech that is implemented by Siri, Apple’s AI Assistant, and Publishes Across Multiple Social Media Platforms and Websites. This solution is the World’s First and only Content Creation and Social Media Management Solution.

ContentGenie OTO Upsells

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The most important aspects of ContentGenie


Content Generation in the Manner of Siri
In contrast to existing content creation applications, which rely on scalability and outmoded content spinners, we designed and trained this AI Assistant for over a year to generate 100% original content for social media and blogs, using only a keyword. This took a lot of time and effort on our part.

Discovery Videos on Video
Find the most popular videos on YouTube by searching for relevant keywords or by entering the URL of the video, then transcribe the video and use it as the basis for a social media or blog post.

Discovering an Article
Find the most popular article by searching for relevant keywords or by entering the article’s URL, and then use the content of that article to create a post for social media or your blog.

Creation of Content Via Speech-to-Text Conversion
Using our in-house developed Artificial Intelligence for Speech Recognition, you may record live speech and have it transcribed into text content for use in social media and blog postings.

Ebook Converter
Convert the contents of any ebook or PDF file to posts that can be used on social media or blogs.

Discovery of a Quote
Maintain activity across all of your social media platforms by sharing relevant quotes sourced directly from ContentGenie.

Social Media Post Editor

  • Utilizing our specialized Social Media post Editor, you may personalize your content in preparation for posting to social media.
  • Add emojis, change text, Add images, etc.
  • Editor for WordPress and Medium Posts
  • Utilizing our specialized Blogpost Editor, you may tailor your content specifically for publication on blogs and other online
  • mediums. Include media such as images and videos, change the color of the text and background, and upload a featured image.

Advanced Workflow for Planning Content
Create a plan and a timeline for posting all of the content on your blog and social media accounts over the next three years. You may organize your content goals more effectively by viewing the planner calendar on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis.

Publishing/Management for Social Media Platforms and WordPress

Publish content to a number of different Facebook groups and pages.
Check out the metrics for each piece that was published, including the number of impressions, comments, Likes, and shares.

Publish Content to Multiple Business Accounts and Personal Accounts on Facebook.
Check out the metrics for each piece that was published, including the number of impressions, comments, Likes, and shares.

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Medium
  • WordPress


  • Multiple areas designated for work
  • Access Granted to Team Members

The Best AI Tools

  • Checker for Content-Related Plagiarism
  • Checker for Correct Use of Grammar and Punctuation in Content
  • Content Summarizer
  • A Paraphraser of the Content
  • Content Expander
  • Translator of Multiple Languages
  • Writer for Email Swipes
  • Author of Content and Ideas

The following is a list of everything that each individual user is capable of doing with ContentGenie:

Create content for your website and social media platforms that is both original and entertaining.
Instantly publish material to websites such as WordPress, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest (pages and groups).
Find the articles and videos that have the most views, and then use those.
Convert the content of your live speech into something that can be shared on social media or on blogs.
Convert the information contained in your ebook into material that can be shared on blogs and other social media platforms.
30 or more languages available for translation of your content.
To maintain interest among your social media followers, make use of the application’s built-in Viral Quote Discovery Tool.
Utilizing our Interactive Material Planner, you may immediately schedule content within ContentGenie that will span the next three years.
You can search for high-paying content creation jobs in addition to social media management jobs on ContentGenie.
plus a whole lot more!
Why Should You Utilize ContentGenie?

Quite Quick

The generation of content and maintenance of social media platforms will both proceed at a lightning-fast pace for users of 100% Uptime.

A Wider Audience

ContentGenie is a magnet for everyone’s attention. In order to increase sales and profitability, it may be utilized by ANYONE in ANY MARKETING NICHE.

They’re going to rake in a lot of cash thanks to it.

Customers who took part in the beta testing of ContentGenie saw significant increases in their sales (We have proof!)


Customers will be blown away by the quality of ContentGenie and the genuineness of this offer, which will make it easy for them to select “purchase” when presented with the choice.

It only costs as much as a cup of coffee.

This is an incredible value when taking into account the early bird discount on the one-time cost as well as the money that customers would save on subsequent payments.

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