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Commission boss


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Commission boss OTO 1

Chances are that you will want to work on more

than one program at a time, after you get the

hang of it.

Once you begin to work with your marketing, you

will need to have access to lots of information,

like ad campaign information, email addresses,

website information, partner information, etc.

You can quickly get overwhelmed with all of the

information if you don’t organize it all.

Set yourself up a system that will allow you to

store the information, whether in folders,

spreadsheets, reports or anything else that will

help you quickly access the information when

it’s needed.

Commission boss OTO

Commission boss OTO 2

There is no better way to keep you on track, than

with personal goals and deadlines!

It is very easy to want to reach an ultimate goal,

but it is important to go through steps A and B

before you can hit step C.

The best way to make sure that you are always on

track is to draw up and implement a series of

goals and deadlines to follow.

Commission boss OTO 3

If you want to start off on the right foot, you

have to begin with a domain name.

It has been reported that those domain names that

are more generic, believe it or not, are the ones

that have higher search engine rankings.

The domain name is probably the most important part

of your marketing strategy, because it is the key to

your entire site.

With a generic name, searches are more likely to place

your site in front of more people.

Be sure that the domain title is keyword rich, though,

so it will pop up on more searches!

Commission boss OTO 4

Create pages that will rank well within the search engines

those that are keyword rich.

To be more successful, you will want to avoid keywords

that are the most competitive in Pay per clicks, like the

top ones that go for $1-$2. Niche markets on Google offer

the best returns.

You will want to first gather as much information on your

product/ service as possible. Look for the terms that have

higher search engine returns.

You can run through quick reports on the terms by looking

through Google.

Commission boss OTO 5

It would be a huge benefit for you to use more than one

Adsense Ad at a time.

Multiple ads can be used throughout your site and can

increase your chances of profit.

The trick here is to make sure that your ads will blend

well within the pages.

If they stand out, your traffic may ignore them, thinking

they are banner ads, or look-a likes.

Try to avoid fancy backgrounds, boarders, etc. that can

actually draw away attention from the ad itself.

Bottom line: the more ads you display, the better your

chances of the viewer clicking on one.

Commission boss OTO 6

Are sick and tired of seeing your paypal
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Affiliate marketing remains the FASTEST
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many other benefits like:

You don’t need a website
You don’t need to create a product
You don’t need a lot of technical knowledge
You don’t have to spend a lot of money

Commission Blueprint 2.0 will show you
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Commission boss OTO 7

Times are changing very fast.

You need to adapt to new technologies and

at the same time you need to have a proven

system in place to succeed.

It doesn’t matter how hard you work… but

how SMART you work.

Now is the time for you to turn the tables

around in your favor.

Now is the time to see tremendous results

that will catapult your online commissions

to the next level!

Commission boss OTO 8

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