Comic Book Style Lead Gen PLR OTO Upsells

Comic Book Style Lead Gen PLR OTO –  Will You Be a Smart Marketer Enough to Get Your Hands on This Package Before It’s Too Late?

The PLR Bundle for Zombie Survival

Look no further than the prepping niche for a fast and easy way to make some serious money. More than a million people are eagerly awaiting survival guides and food storage kits, as well as other products geared toward prepper enthusiasts. An excellent time to jump on the “prepping” bandwagon is now, as more and more people are becoming concerned about their future and leaning toward “preparedness.”

There is plenty of room in this ever-expanding niche for everyone who wants to take advantage of it, whether you are selling actual products or offering your services as a consultant or mentor. To help with that, we’ve put together this fantastic new PLR package.

Comic Book Style Lead Gen PLR OTO

About Comic Book Style Lead Gen PLR OTO

One of the most well-known and widely discussed concepts in popular culture today is the zombie. Any threat that could lead to the collapse of society is symbolized by Zombies for Preppers. Even a nuclear war could be the cause of this natural or man-made catastrophe. The perfect storm of chaos and destruction that zombies represent could overwhelm emergency services, leaving survivors to struggle for their lives. Zombies are a threat. When disaster strikes, prepper groups plan and prepare for the worst.

As part of this preparation, you might stockpile supplies and learn survival skills, or build a safe house. The odds of an actual zombie apocalypse are low, but preppers believe it is better to be prepared for any eventuality. You know what they say: it’s better to prepare yourself for the worst than to hope for the best. All of the artwork in this package is unique, original, and was created in-house by me.

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Front End

  • Let’s take a closer look at this incredible deal.
  • Short Report on PLR “Comic Book” Lead Generation
  • Long Report PLR Lead Gen (Fully Formated with header and images)
  • Original Full-Size Artwork of 16 Pieces
  • Glossary for PLR Preppers
  • PLR Prepper Articles: 6 Must-Read Posts
  • In the PLR videos (2 versions)
  • 2 Optin (Divi) Layouts That Match
  • Members of a private club (bonus content & more)

It’s all original art in this Module One Comic Book Lead Gen Short Report! ADDITIONAL OPT-IN LAYOUT INCLUDED!

MODULE TWO Extensive Review (5,988 Words). 100% original art. ADDITIONAL OPT-IN LAYOUT IS INCLUDED!

It includes a video opt-in layout bonuses. With collecting Leads with a Divi Layout.

Most people find the idea of the zombie apocalypse to be nothing more than a fun diversion. A zombie uprising may be all too real for some people. That includes Sean Lowery. To prepare for the day when the dead begin to rise from their graves, Sean has spent years preparing. His new PLR bundle, Surviving the The Zombie Apocalypse PLR Bundle, shares his expertise with the rest of us.

Everything from stockpiling supplies to constructing a safe haven is covered in this comprehensive guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse. Even tips on how to defend yourself against the undead have been included by Sean. This bundle is a must-have if you’re a prepper or just someone who likes to be ready for anything. As a result, do not wait until the last minute. Take a look at Sean Lowery’s Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse PLR bundle.

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