Clipman AI OTO

Clipman AI OTO

Front End – Clipman: AI Edition (Commercial License Included). CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

On the front end, you can choose to create videos from a product URL, or by selecting a template and entering your video details. With current video apps, it’s a waiting game. When you create a video, they sit around and wait for it to finish rendering to be able to use it or create your next video

That’s why Clipman’s video rendering engine was completely re-built to be 10x faster than your average video app, and to support simultaneous rendering. So you can pump out dozens of videos at the same time – faster than ever before.

As a HUGE time-saver, they’ve also added real-time adapting video previews. This means the video preview adapts as you type in your customizations! All edits they make to any template are shown directly in the preview and they will never have to render a video just to see how it looks again.

It shows them EXACTLY how your template will look BEFORE it’s rendered.

What has always set Clipman apart are your templates. You’re responsible for over $10,000,000 in sales for Clipman customers. They have a meticulous process of finding and modeling your templates off of the most profitable Facebook video ads in the world. This version is freshly packed with templates optimized to sell more products.

clipman ai oto

Front End Summary

  • Create Unlimited Videos (Create an Army of High-Converting Videos for ALL Your Products)
  • Specialized AI Technology Recommends The Most Profitable Templates Based on Your Niche (Backed By
  • AI Tech Creates Optimized Videos from Any Product or Web Link For You.
  • LIVE Adapting Videos (Template adapts LIVE as you type – see EXACTLY how your final video will look BEFORE it’s rendered)!
  • New Lightning Fast Video Creation (Render Videos 10x Faster Than Your Average Video App)
  • Simultaneous Rendering (Create DOZENS of Videos At Once)
  • Powerful Sales-Generating Templates (50+ Top-Converting Templates)
  • Longer Text Fields (FINALLY Enough Space to Sell With Video)
  • Sync Videos to Facebook Ads Directly inside Clipman (Save the Ads Manager Confusion!)
  • Included Shopify App (Create Videos in 1-Click Without Ever Leaving Your Store)
  • Commercial Rights Included (FULL Agency Rights)

Clipman AI OTO 1 – All-in-One Video Growth & Automation Suite. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

The all-in-one video automation suite includes a smart ‘brain’ that helps you improve your sales (removing all the guesswork), machine-learning to uncover the most profitable strategies for scaling your Facebook video ads and then scales them automatically and an exclusive template club.

It has the following 3 powerful modules:

  • Template Club – Generate more sales with new templates added to your account each month.
  • Make Zero Mistakes with AdBrain – Smart AI ‘brain’ that analyzes your funnels and tells them what to fix/change to optimize for more sales.
  • Automated Scaling Engine – Helps you by automatically scaling your campaigns to maximize revenue (backed by machine-learning technology).

The upsell helps them generate more sales and maximize revenue from each video they create inside of Clipman. Here’s an example:

Step 1 – Create Multiple Videos Simultaneously Using Lightning-Fast Video Engine.
Step 2 – Sync The Videos Into Facebook Ads Directly Inside Clipman.
Step 3 – Automated Scaling Engine Takes Over & Scales your Videos Campaigns For Them

Clipman AI OTO 2 – Video Ads Masterclass Training. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE

Exclusive training that reveals how you can build-out video ad funnels that convert, and how they can set them up so that they run automatically.

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