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Buyerz OTO

“Allow me to demonstrate how I earn between $30,000 and $50,000 per year, part-time, using free ‘credit card confirmed’ buyer traffic! Introducing Buyerz.

Here is Michel Sirois with a fresh new FREE BUYER TRAFFIC TRAINING! How would you like to receive ‘Credit Card Confirmed’ Buyer Leads, even if you do not have a list or business at the moment? Would you be interested?
Obviously, you would… Because you are aware that acquiring free BUYER traffic is pure GOLD for you. Therefore, please pay close attention from now on because you are in for a treat! And believe what I’m saying: This strategy has never been detailed in such depth anywhere else…

Because I’ve been employing this strategy for the past six years… The notion is straightforward… You create BUYERS lists containing EXCLUSIVELY those with VALID credit cards and/or PayPal accounts. After all, this is how the Gurus do it, right? To obtain “Credit Card Confirmed” Buyer Traffic, you need only adhere to my teaching!

Buyerz OTO

Introducing… BUYERZ

We frequently hear the term BUYER TRAFFIC…
However, if you’ve noticed, it is never…
This is exactly what ‘BUYERZ’ teaches: how to acquire consumers with VALID credit cards and PayPal accounts. Using my process, your clients will be able to design and deploy products quickly from scratch.
They will be able to construct REAL BUYERS LISTS and profit from their affiliate marketing efforts.

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Front End

$17 for Front-End Training FE (50 percent ) / DS: $9.95 (100 percent ) + 6 Free Bonuses
30 Minutes Per Day Or Less
Get ‘Credit Card Confirmed’ and ‘PayPal Confirmed’ for FREE. No Sales Copy To Write From Scratch No Useless Traffic Applications
You Require A System That Will Allow You To Never Pay For Traffic Again You Desire To Generate Sufficient Buyer Leads To Live The Laptop Lifestyle You Require World-Class Support That Is Ready To Assist You


Four Editable OTO Templates
$27/17 + (Bonus: Re-Editable Emails) – These OTOs are all your customers will need to generate more revenue from their launches . These four generic OTOs can be used repeatedly with any offer – These OTOs are presented as Word documents. Your customers can add their own flair to these sales copy to make them distinctive.


Template for the JV Page and Recruiting
$37/27 + (Bonus: Re-Editable Emails)
– To make this simple for your clients, I’ve designed a generic JV page in HTML 5 where they only need to fill up the gaps.
– Also contains editable JV recruiting email templates for use with any offer


Case Study: How I Make An Extra $10,000 Per Month From My Products’ Back-End
$47/$37 plus (Bonus: My “Recurring Profits” Swipe Set)


Buyerz Commission Boost $97 + 2 Free Bonuses – With this upgrade, your customers and students will receive 100 percent commissions across our whole sales funnel.
– In addition, your clients and pupils will receive their ‘Buyerz’ affiliate link, cloned from my Optimizepress 3.0 and fully customized with their name and photo, at no additional cost and hosted for free.
– Additionally, they will receive five promotional swipes that can be used anywhere they choose!

Why is it necessary to construct BUYERS lists to live a laptop lifestyle?


– You cannot make money if your audience does not have money, which is why you must establish BUYERS lists of people with VALID credit cards and/or PayPal accounts!
– You cannot send repeated messages to your audience if you do not have a mechanism to contact with them, therefore the requirement to create an email list.

Now for a dose of realism: No BUYERS list, no laptop lifestyle! Consider it thus… How will you get a return on your investment if you need new leads every time you want to advertise something until you establish email lists of BUYERS?

I don’t know many individuals that profit from COLD TRAFFIC!

To warm up your traffic, you must be a part of your audience’s daily routine… And to make money online and quit your day job, you need leads with purchasing power. By creating an email list of BUYERS, you will obtain the desired results… Now, if you don’t know how to establish a BUYERS list, you’ll discover that it’s quite simple, even for novices!

Using this ‘credit card confirmed’ buyer approach, you can live the lifestyle you desire with your laptop! Personally, I’d rather construct buyer lists for FREE than purchase a large quantity of unqualified leads. How about you?
And all that is required to have quick access to Buyerz is…

Regards from the inside,