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Commission boss


Launching on 10 MARCH @ 1am EST
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Commission boss OTO 1

Chances are that you will want to work on more

than one program at a time, after you get the

hang of it.

Once you begin to work with your marketing, you

will need to have access to lots of information,

like ad campaign information, email addresses,

website information, partner information, etc.

You can quickly get overwhelmed with all of the

information if you don’t organize it all.

Set yourself up a system that will allow you to

store the information, whether in folders,

spreadsheets, reports or anything else that will

help you quickly access the information when

it’s needed.

Commission boss OTO

Commission boss OTO 2

There is no better way to keep you on track, than

with personal goals and deadlines!

It is very easy to want to reach an ultimate goal,

but it is important to go through steps A and B

before you can hit step C.

The best way to make sure that you are always on

track is to draw up and implement a series of

goals and deadlines to follow.

Commission boss OTO 3

If you want to start off on the right foot, you

have to begin with a domain name.

It has been reported that those domain names that

are more generic, believe it or not, are the ones

that have higher search engine rankings.

The domain name is probably the most important part

of your marketing strategy, because it is the key to

your entire site.

With a generic name, searches are more likely to place

your site in front of more people.

Be sure that the domain title is keyword rich, though,

so it will pop up on more searches!

Commission boss OTO 4

Create pages that will rank well within the search engines

those that are keyword rich.

To be more successful, you will want to avoid keywords

that are the most competitive in Pay per clicks, like the

top ones that go for $1-$2. Niche markets on Google offer

the best returns.

You will want to first gather as much information on your

product/ service as possible. Look for the terms that have

higher search engine returns.

You can run through quick reports on the terms by looking

through Google.

Commission boss OTO 5

It would be a huge benefit for you to use more than one

Adsense Ad at a time.

Multiple ads can be used throughout your site and can

increase your chances of profit.

The trick here is to make sure that your ads will blend

well within the pages.

If they stand out, your traffic may ignore them, thinking

they are banner ads, or look-a likes.

Try to avoid fancy backgrounds, boarders, etc. that can

actually draw away attention from the ad itself.

Bottom line: the more ads you display, the better your

chances of the viewer clicking on one.

Commission boss OTO 6

Are sick and tired of seeing your paypal
account empty everyday?

Affiliate marketing remains the FASTEST
and EASIEST way to profit online with so
many other benefits like:

You don’t need a website
You don’t need to create a product
You don’t need a lot of technical knowledge
You don’t have to spend a lot of money

Commission Blueprint 2.0 will show you
how to generate massive profits with affiliate
marketing – step-by-step!

Commission boss OTO 7

Times are changing very fast.

You need to adapt to new technologies and

at the same time you need to have a proven

system in place to succeed.

It doesn’t matter how hard you work… but

how SMART you work.

Now is the time for you to turn the tables

around in your favor.

Now is the time to see tremendous results

that will catapult your online commissions

to the next level!

Commission boss OTO 8

Have you considered Commission Blueprint 2.0?

Here’s what you’ll discover in this step-by-step

video training:

The complete system to making money quickly

and easily with Affiliate Marketing –


How to get started and build a profitable

Affiliate business by selling other people’s


The time-tested formula used by successful

marketers to build a massive affiliate business

empire within months.

How to identify hot-in-demand products that

will convert like crazy while making you a ton

of money at the same time.

The fastest and simplest way to sell anything

online. This is the secret that most marketers

don’t want you to know.



Fast Commission Generator OTO – OTO 1 2 3 4

Fast commission generator OTO 1

I’m really excited about this…

Tomorrow at [TIME] and [DATE] Jason Fulton and Seun Ogundele are releasing their brand new app for 2021 that scours the web to get you hot leads and no cost and makes it easier than ever for you to profit.

But that’s just the beginning…

Cloud-based software so there’s nothing to install

Get 1,000s hot leads from Facebook, Instagram, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter, and LinkedIn without spending a dime

Multiple ways to make money with no selling required

Built-in offers so there’s no getting ‘ghosted’ by vendors

Proven ‘done for you’ campaigns included

Put the software on autopilot and get results while you sleep

Plus, when you get Fast Commission Generator tomorrow, right when the doors open, you’ll be able to take advantage of a special Early Bird Discount.

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Fast Commission Generator OTO 2

Fast Commission Generator just went live, and when you get it now, you’ll be able to take advantage of special Early Bird pricing.

In addition to the MASSIVE Early Bird Discount that makes getting your hands on Fast Commission Generator right now a no-brainer, here’s even more reasons why you need to JUMP on this one and get it now…

No more paying for traffic

No more website building

No more creating videos

No more time-consuming list-building

No more getting ‘ghosted’ by vendors

No more long hours and late nights

No more wondering what to do next

No more jumping from method to making hoping something will work

Fast Commission Generator gives you everything you need to get hot leads and make money with just a few clicks of your mouse!

And when you get it NOW, you’ll be able to lock-in a special Early Bird Discount and get in on this at the lowest price possible…

Click the link below now to lock-in your Early Bird Discount and get instant access to Fast Commission Generator…

Fast Commission Generator OTO

Fast Commission Generator OTO 3

If you haven’t grabbed Fast Commission Generator yet, is there something that’s holding you back?

The minute I saw how easy this made it to get unlimited hot leads and make money, I was sold!

Fast Commission Generator has the power to get you tons of hot leads at no cost and makes it easier than ever to turn those leads into easy profits…

Because this is so powerful, I don’t want you to keep waiting around while the price just keeps going up…

That’s why I put together this email loaded with reasons why you need to get Fast Commission Generator today…

Reason 1 – The price is going up, and you’re going to kick yourself when you go back to get it later and you have to pay more money.

Reason 2 – This complete, all-in-one commission-generation system solves all the problems that are currently holding you back from making money right now.

Reason 3 – They’ve included EVERYTHING you need to get no cost traffic, hot leads, and make regular commissions even if you’re a newbie and you have no experience.

Reason 4 – Within MINUTES from right now, you can have a list of hot targeted leads in ANY niche, so you can start making commissions on autopilot with just 3 clicks of your mouse.

Reason 5 – There’s no risk. They’re giving you a 365 day money-back guarantee because they know Fast Commission Generator will get you results.

If you’re tired of getting struggling to get traffic, leads, and make money, then you owe it to yourself to get Fast Commission Generator right now…

Get it today and lock-in your discount and claim your special bonuses…

Fast Commission Generator OTO 4

At this point, you’ve likely received several emails about Fast Commission Generator… the newest app from Jason Fulton and Seun Ogundele…

I’ll be the first to tell you…

Fast Commission Generator is like nothing you’ve seen before, and if you’ve been struggling to get traffic, hot leads, and make sales, this app does all of that for you…

That said, if you haven’t grabbed it yet, you must have some unanswered questions about Fast Commission Generator, which is why I’ve put together the most frequently asked questions about this game-changing app below…

Fast Commission Generator OTO 5

If you haven’t grabbed Fast Commission Generator yet, you’re almost out of time.

At midnight tonight the special launch discount for Fast Commission Generator goes away forever, and the price goes up… big time!

Although it’s worth a lot more, why pay more than you have to?

Here’s why you need to get Fast Commission Generator RIGHT NOW…

This is cloud-based software so there’s nothing to install… ever!

Get 1,000s hot leads from Facebook, Instagram, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter, and LinkedIn at no cost with just a click of your mouse…

There are multiple ways to make money with no selling required

You get access to built-in offers so there’s no getting ‘ghosted’ by vendors

Proven ‘done for you’ campaigns included so you don’t need any special skills or experience

Put the software on autopilot and get results while you sleep

But remember… make sure you get Fast Commission Generator before midnight tonight, or you’ll end up paying a lot more…




Motocom OTO – OTO 1 2 3 4



The BIGGEST secret to dominate the digital world is out!
Reverse The Curse Of The Pandemic With This…
Greatest Opportunity To Tap Into The Most Demanded Service Of The Century!
Enter A Done-For-You Business Loaded With Ready-Made Products & Never-Ending Clients


The timing of this is perfect to help you break away from the curse of the pandemic…

Wondering how?

Expert marketers Vivek Gaur & Himanshu Mehta have created the ultimate way for you to dominate the digital world…

Something that can help you reverse the losses of the last year… and make BIG profits from the comfort & safety of your home.

Here’s what you’re going to be able to do now:

Create your own fully functional and ultra-fast loading online marketplace in just 3 steps
Get into the most demanded service of 2021 of single & multi-vendor website creation without any prior experience or knowledge
Convert unlimited clients from across niches like real estate, restaurants, doctors & marketing within minutes
Maximise conversions and engagement like never before
And a lot more…

TechCrunch, Bloomberg, Star Wars, Sony, BBC America, Disney, Playstation, MTV News & Facebook are just some of the established brands that know the importance of themes to attract high traffic to their website.

Small & big businesses alike know that a strong digital presence is the only way to make money in the new normal.

If you want your name to be added to the list of successful business owners, we suggest you register now to..

Witness the revelation of secrets by ace marketers to dominate the digital world
Create guaranteed-to-convert single & multi-vendor sites in just one-click
Access the most special price for this phenomenal technology along with exclusive bonuses

JVZoo hasn’t seen anything quite as mind-blowing as this technology before!

The tech industry has seen a rapid acceleration in the last year, thanks to Covid-19.

These unprecedented times have made the need to sell online stronger than ever.

You can tap into this market, help others survive while making BIG FAT commissions.

Vivek & Himanshu will share insights about how to GO BIG & STAY HOME!

To your success,

MotoCom gives you the chance to create your online-marketplace agency and knock your sales and profits out of the park!

It gives you the chance to transform every existing and new business out there into your client and charge them thousands of dollars…especially when it is the greatest NECESSITY to be & sell online

MotoCom is a state-of-the-art technology put together by ace marketers to help you create UNLIMITED single & multi-vendor websites and sell them effortlessly…within minutes!

Everyone needs your service and agency right now.

It’s practically the only way to survive these repeated COVID-19 waves, lockdowns & social distancing rules

The brick-and-mortar approach is dead and gone… every business has already accepted it.

Now it’s entirely upon you to use MotoCom to turn this adversity into a growth & profit-making opportunity!

MotoCom helps you make 3-fold profits in just 3 clicks:

Build Single & Multi-Vendor Websites Like Amazon, FlipKart & Others Using Guaranteed-To-Convert Hot Selling Templates That Load At Lightning Speed
Dominate The Most Trending Niches By Customizing Your Content As Required. Drag-n-Drop Addition of Text, CTAs, Video Pop-ups, Optin Forms, Timers, Floating Bars and Lots More!
Succeed And Profit Exponentially Using Plugin-ins & Features That Guarantee Explosive Free Traffic & All-Time High Conversions

MotoCom is brilliantly sophisticated and incredibly easy packed with unique features like…

Businesses that will be literally chasing you with money for your service (after getting access to MotoCom) include:

Salons, Influencers, Marketers, Designers, Interior Designers, Gyms, Hotels, Product Owners & Practically Everyone Else On The Planet!

Right now, you can get access to MotoCom at a massive early bird discount.

But you need to hurry…the discount is available only for the first few customers.

To your success,
Now is the time for you to take advantage of brick and mortar businesses needing an online presence to survive.

You can build beautiful virtual homes i.e. Single & Multi-Vendor websites for local and established businesses within minutes and charge them a premium for your services!

If you’re thinking “Website Building is so 90s”, think again!

By 2040, it’s estimated that 95% of the purchases will be through E-commerce.
On an average 547,200 new websites are created daily
Ecommerce sales are expected to reach $4.9 trillion worth of sales in 2021
You can make the entire world your customer from even a remote island
Amazon alone is responsible for more than 49% of all online sales and about 5% of all retail sales in the United States
With repeated lockdowns & unstable situations…physical shops & offices are being replaced permanently by websites

MotoCom puts you on top of the charts in just 3-clicks without any past experience-

Step 1: Take Your Pick

You can choose from our exclusive range of 100 hot-selling layouts from across 17 top niches. You could also create your own masterpiece within minutes using our ridiculously easy interface

Step 2: Tweak To Taste

Customize and personalize your content as per your desire. Modify text, images, CTAs, video pop-ups, optin forms, timers, floating bars with just one-click!

Step 3: Hit & Succeed

Press hit to publish your website and begin making the top dollar instantly

Nothing worthwhile has ever been easier!

Every business is looking for a website that can instantly multiply their sales and profits…online food delivery, event management, digital products, online courses, doctor and salon appointments, dating and so many more

The world is your customer when you’re in the business of building single & multi-vendor websites that guarantee traffic!

And just for smart entrepreneurs like yourself..we are offering an exclusive discount and special bonuses for a limited period

The clock is ticking…

Save more to earn more! Grab this technology before the price increases!

To your success,
How would you like to start the World’s 1st Agency to create & sell single & multi-vendor websites like, trivago, Udemy, Yelp, GoDaddy, tinder etc. …

… that too, in just minutes WITHOUT any technical or coding skills?

With MotoCom, you can now instantly create and publish unlimited single and multi-vendor websites across niches.

Simply pick any of our 100 hot-selling layouts and build an extraordinary site by adding attractive elements using our drag and drop page builder.

Take a look at some of the niches that are included:

Ecommerce Business, Online Food Ordering, Listing Based Business, Real Estate, Event Management, Deals Website, Mobile App Selling, Digital Marketplace, Online Courses, Jobs Portal, News Magazine, Web Hosting, Salon Booking, Music Selling, Question Answer, Review Based Website, Dating Website, and tons of other niches…

MotoCom also helps you grow your list without any additional tools.

Our integration with top autoresponders helps you connect with your leads instantly…

… and you can also build optin forms within the theme or insert your own to capture leads.

To make instant profits…sell your products effortlessly using our in-built Ecommerce layouts including giants such as Amazon & Ebay…

…also leverage the power of Woocommerce to create customized eCom stores!

At the moment – MotoCom is available for a MASSIVELY discounted ONT-TIME price…

… but of course, this special offer CANNOT continue forever.

Once this special launch ends – MotoCom will then turn into a monthly subscription model.

People are struggling to keep the doors to their businesses open…paying big rents, dodging lockdowns, adhering to new guidelines!

This economic climate is making everyone break into a sweat…

So when someone claims that you can not only cover up your losses but actually make thousands of dollars within minutes. It sounds ridiculous.

It is ridiculous… RIDICULOUSLY TRUE!

People seem to have adapted to the digital new normal…shopping online, learning online, consulting online and everything else

Having a website is crucial. But it’s not enough…the website needs to be beautiful, attractive, functional, fast & easy! Not just one of these things…all of them at once.

It needs to be coded and designed to perfection to attract high volumes of traffic and increase sales and profits

Take for example…

Restaurants are shut or you have some friends over at home. How does one order in? Easy website to just add your favourite items to your cart and enjoy a scrumptious meal at home.

Home schooling & online skill-learning has become the new way for people to level up. Coursera & Udemy like sites can be created to learn the skill of your choice.

Physical copies of newspapers have shrunk & magazines have shut shop! But..all of them need a website to help their readers stay updated from minute to minute

Product sellers don’t have their shops in malls anymore..they need sites like Ebay & Amazon to help sell to global customers

Digital consultation with doctors of different specialities has become the new reality but so many doctors are yet to adapt…

And these aren’t even a handful of the businesses that need your services!

What if we told you that you could create this for any business that needs it? Stunning single & multi-vendor sites that guarantee high traffic within minutes?

And you will get the first mover’s advantage…cause there simply isn’t any competition to such effective website building…not on JVZoo…not anywhere!

You can sell websites across the high-demanding internet instantly through Fiverr, UpWork and many others…

Right now, you can name your price and get paid exorbitantly because of the gap in demand & supply.

Now is the time to strike the iron…it’s not just’s boiling.

And it is being offered to you at the lowest one-time cost ever.

Hit buy now before it’s too late & your competitors take advantage.

To your success,

If you’re serious about making money in 2021… you must take advantage of the shift that’s taking place right now…

You see…

With customers refusing to leave homes… every business today knows they got ONLY ONE OPTION… Go Online or Close Shop.

But going online doesn’t mean having a dead website that just “informs” your customers about your products & services.

Today – every business wants to have a fully-functional single or multi-vendor website, where they can take & process orders and get paid.

MotoCom is the ONLY tool that allows you to create fully functional and ultra-fast loading single & multi-vendor websites in just 3 steps…


You can choose from our exclusive range of 100 hot-selling layouts from across 17 top niches.


Customize and personalize your content as per your desire. Modify text, images, CTAs, video pop-ups, optin forms, timers, floating bars with just one-click!


Press hit to publish your website and begin making the top dollar instantly

You’d be quite awestruck once you check out MotoCom…

… but remember – you have to act fast and get access.

Once this special launch ends – the price would significantly increase and of course – it will turn into a monthly/yearly subscription.

Motocom OTO 1

If you’re serious about making money in 2021… you must take advantage of the shift that’s taking place right now…

You see…

With customers refusing to leave homes… every business today knows they got ONLY ONE OPTION… Go Online or Close Shop.

But going online doesn’t mean having a dead website that just “informs” your customers about your products & services.

Today – every business wants to have a fully-functional single or multi-vendor website, where they can take & process orders and get paid.

MotoCom is the ONLY tool that allows you to create fully functional and ultra-fast loading single & multi-vendor websites in just 3 steps…


You can choose from our exclusive range of 100 hot-selling layouts from across 17 top niches.


Customize and personalize your content as per your desire. Modify text, images, CTAs, video pop-ups, optin forms, timers, floating bars with just one-click!


Press hit to publish your website and begin making the top dollar instantly

You’d be quite awestruck once you check out MotoCom…

… but remember – you have to act fast and get access.

Once this special launch ends – the price would significantly increase and of course – it will turn into a monthly/yearly subscription.

Motocom OTO 2

DFY Digital Product Store Script
500+ Premium Products
Payment Module Integrated
Collection of Premium WordPress Themes
20+ Premium WordPress Plugins
1000+ Logo Assets


Motocom OTOMotocom OTO 3

Powerful, Simple-to-use Graphics Editor For Unlimited Customization Of Your Images
Pre made Ads Images for 8 Popular Platforms
Integration with MOTOCOM
Unlimited Usage Forever
No Limits or Monthly Fees

Motocom OTO 4

Whatsapp Chat Integrations
Facebook Chat Integration
Skype Chat Integration
XSupport – Your Own Dedicated Support Portal
GDPR Plugin
With Resell Rights

Motocom OTO 5

Complete Marketplace Setup with Dummy Images
Payment Integration Setup
Contact Page Setup
Complete Training one on one


Ranksnap 3.0 OTO – OTO 1 2 3 4

Ranksnap OTO 1 : CLICK HERE

More features, more powerful

Web 2.0 profiles
Documents sharing (10)
RSS Module
Video Embeds
Maps Embeds
Magic Indexer


ranksnap 03 OTO

Ranksnap OTO 2 : CLICK HERE

Quickly find profitable keywords with little to NO competition that you can quickly rank for and get traffic fast Save countless hours when compared to trying to find this “money keywords” manually

Find multiple keywords at once with the click of your mouse

Get high-quality traffic that actually converts within MINUTES

Ranksnap OTO 3 : CLICK HERE

If you’ve been marketing online for more than a few days, you’ve probably heard people saying ‘Content is King’.

And for hight quality backlinks building you need always use unique content, as using duplicated content you can get penalty from Google.

To get unique content you may following ways:

write many articles your self – very time consuming process and not everyone like to write articles.

Pay someone else to write new articles for you – it expensive as they will charge you from $3 to $20 usd per article

Reuse some one other article or use PRL article – it will be duplicate content

Use our Content Creator module – automatically create plus spin articles literally for any niche. It is push a button module that in 5 sec will create unique article for you.

Enter your keywords, select niche and click create article button. Yes it that so simple.

Ranksnap OTO 4 : CLICK HERE

Serious SEO professional? Need more power? This is for you – Monthly plan

20,000 credits for 67/month

20,000 credits each month 399/year

Google & YouTube run the show when it comes to search engine traffic.

But damn, they’ve got a lot of rules to play by.

Constant updates mean most loopholes get shut as soon as they’re opened.

And unless you’ve got the budget for a dedicated SEO specialist …
Or HOURS each day to do EVERYTHING yourself manually …

You can pretty much kiss free search engine traffic goodbye.

UNLESS, that is, you can give Google exactly what it wants.
And what does Google want?


We’re living in a world of online connectivity. Google pays you with free traffic when your sites & offers are connected with other authority sites.

Try setting these up yourself … might as well just get a full time job.
Try hiring an SEO expert … be ready to pay hundreds PER hour.

Or – you could just automate the whole business.

Give Google and YouTube EXACTLY what they want…

Effortlessly rank (and stick) on page 1 of the world’s two biggest search engines …

Ride the free traffic wave all the way to the bank.

Until now, this couldn’t be done on autopilot.
But technology is a beautiful thing.

My friends Tom & Gaurab have spent over 12 months developing a FULLY-AUTOMATED SEO software that gets ANY keyword ranked on page
one in minutes …

WITHOUT the hassles or expense of doing it manually or hiring experts.

Stay tuned for my next email when I’ll share more details, a full demo, and how you can get your hands on this advanced A.I. free traffic tech.

He or she with the biggest list DOES NOT usually make the most commissions.

Having a list is great, but it’s only one source of traffic.
There’s a MUCH better one, and it doesn’t have to cost you a penny to get.

What’s the ‘secret traffic sauce’ top affiliates use?

When you can rank your bridge page, offer or review on page 1 Google, not only do you get free traffic …

You get TOP CONVERTING traffic because you’re attracting people actively looking for a very specific solution.

So how do you get to the 1st page of Google?

processes of ranking and gives Google EXACTLY what it wants.

No more tedious, time-consuming BS.
No more slaps or penalties for doing something against the rules.
No more paying for high-priced SEO specialists OR ads ever again.

Just the best, targeted traffic online – straight to your offers. Fast and above all …SIMPLE.

This is the easiest way going to 3X YOUR affiliate commissions.

With so many products coming out that promise to be ‘all things to all people’, it’s refreshing to find one that offers ONE solution to ONE problem.

Thing is, that’s the BIGGEST problem any marketer faces.


Here’s how Ranksnap solves your traffic problems for good:

#1 ranking factor for search engines


Here’s what you WON’T need:

One problem, one solution.

But until you solve this problem … NOTHING else works.

Need more traffic to YOUR offers, stores, landing pages, channels, blogs & social accounts?

Any online business is dead in the water without traffic.

That’s why there are THOUSANDS of traffic products out there, and
more coming out every day.

If these courses & softwares are as great as they promise …
Why are people buying new ones all the time?

Because most of them don’t work NEARLY as well as they promise.

Considering traffic is the most important part of YOUR business …
It PAYS to trust experts who know how to get it.

Tom, Gaurab & Oleksandr have been marketing online for years.

They’ve done it all: affiliate marketing, eCom, CPA, niche marketing … and MUCH more.

Like many of us, they’ve fallen for some crazy traffic gimmicks and loopholes that didn’t work out. And LEARNED from their mistakes.

Today these guys are at the TOP of their game.
They coach students on how to make REAL profits online.
They each run multiple successful businesses in various niches.
Most importantly? They’ve got traffic down to an absolute science.

No guessing.
No time-consuming, tedious ‘work’.
Zero tech skills required.
Above all – NO paid ads.

Their secret weapon?

I could go on, but they do a much better job of explaining it than I could.

Stacks of proof and testimonials from REAL users getting REAL results.

We all need experts in our lives.
When it comes to traffic, these are the experts to trust.

Biggest hurdle for ANY eCom marketer?

Most ‘gurus’ talk about FB ads as the main source …
Most eCom marketers don’t come close to breaking even.

Coincidence? Don’t think so.

FB ads are expensive, competitive … and can suck up thousands of
dollars on split-testing and optimizing …

Why pay for something you can get for free?
Want targeted visitors ACTIVELY looking for what you have on offer?

No paid ads.
No tire-kickers.
100% free & targeted search engine traffic direct from Google.

When your eCom stores & offers generate sales WITHOUT paid ads …
You unlock UNLIMITED ROI. And can scale effortlessly.

But act fast because the special one-time launch price will NOT last!

It’s easy to build a list.

It’s much harder to build a list of engaged subscribers that actually open, click & buy your offers.

And if you’re using paid ads, you’re literally throwing money away …
Because there’s a MUCH better way:

Here’s the deal.

Google & YouTube are THE search engines of choice online. Everyday,
MILLIONS of people do ‘how to’ searches for solutions to their problems.

THESE are the people you want on your list.
THESE people are looking for answers … and in most cases, they’re willing to pay you for them.

Now you can take ANY keyword, ANY offer, in ANY niche – and get page 1 ranking on Google and YouTube in minutes.

That, my friend, is 100% free and HIGHLY targeted traffic.
The type of traffic that subscribes to your list …

Is happy to hear what you have on offer …

And buys your stuff.

Until right now, this advanced technology simply didn’t exist.

But thanks to some serious advances in artificial intelligence, ranking for 100% free search traffic is your new reality.

Ranksnap is a traffic software that was released publicly a few days ago, and ALREADY people are raving about their results.

Just imagine:

Be quick though – the one-time pricing on this ends very soon. If you miss out, you’ll pay much more later for a traffic solution that can take YOUR business to the next level.

Just in case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few days …
Ranksnap is the most cutting edge, FREE traffic automation software
that’s ever been released.

Any niche.
Any keyword.
Any offer.

FAST search engine traffic that sticks.
100% autopilot.
Zero skills needed.

Only catch? The highly discounted one-time pricing ends SOON.
So if you’re serious about getting top quality, converting traffic to your offers …
Making MORE sales and commissions …
And are SICK of paying for ads …



AnimatePal OTO – OTO 1 2 3 4

AnimatePal OTO 1 

Huge upgrade of Comic and Cartoon related characters and elements such as animated cartoon animals pack,

animated mouths and facial expressions to add to inanimate objects, and more!

AnimatePal OTO 2

Massive package of PPT video templates, ads, as well as call outs, lower thirds and so much more. Thousands of video assets at a truly amazing price!

General Video Marketing:


Can you make a sale by making a viewer smile?


Statistics prove that comics and cartoons sell more products. They increase engagement! When people smile (or laugh or cry or get angry) they remember your product. The message sinks in. They watch longer and buy more.

So could you make an animated ad for me if I wanted one? Without stealing graphics, or spending a fortune?

Well you can NOW!

Just wait until you see this new product by Arif Chandra and Shelley Penney. As usual, these 2 video graphics experts have found the sweet spot between demand and supply! Animated videos are becoming MORE popular, and yet, as a marketer, video maker, or content creator, YOU can’t easily tap into this new old fad, because up until now, this type of animated  assets just have not been available, or have been way too expensive!

You’re not going to believe what is in this massive animation library. Over 1270 animated  assets and for less than the cost of a SINGLE image on any stock image site!

Here’s what you are getting in this EPIC pack!

AnimatePal includes 1270+ Animated characters and assets!

There are 800+character animations. They are  Culturally Diverse and Inclusive. It’s the **FIRST TIME EVER package that we know of that Includes children and babies, and the entire package is in a range of skin tones, representing everyday people!

You also get  20+ NEW Toon Backgrounds, 100+ Motion Graphics, 20+ Animated Icons, 20+ Animated Call-to-action,30+ Animated Scene Transitions, AND bonuses!

Best yet, they work in virtually any video making software on the market!

You need this package! Click here to check it!

WOW! Wait until you see this video animated graphics collection!

It’s a new huge graphics pack created by Arif Chandra and Shelley Penney. There are over 1270 new, original animated characters (including babies and childrens)

Why Animated characters? Comics and cartoons in marketing have some of the best engagement and “stickiness” results. In fact, a study by noted that cartoons actually DOUBLE email open rates!

People LOVE comics, both in business and in fun, but have you ever tried to search for comic graphics that you can use commercially? It’s impossible (and impossibly expensive)

Not to mention, it’s really difficult to find inclusive character animations for marketing, and even more rare to find children!

Now you can take advantage of this FUN “new” animated video trend. AnimatePal is live right now. It includes over 1270 animated graphics including 800+ character animations, babies and children, that are representative in every way! You also get backgrounds, motion graphics, and fun elements like animated icons and transitions, and MUCH more! !

You have to see it to believe it!

Go grab this fun pack right now and start creating. The open price is at a jaw dropping low! Once the prelaunch sale is over, the price will be going up! So go grab it now.

90%! That’s the percentage of online shoppers who said that they find video

helpful in making shopping and buying decisions. Yet a lot of businesses aren’t

using videos even now!

The indisputable fact is, if you’re not making AWESOME videos by now, be ready to

kiss your customers goodbye in 2021.

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to see how that plays out.

You won’t believe these animations. Animated characters in local biz niches, ready to star in your next video! Inclusive characters, diversity built in,AND babies and children too!

Introducing AimatePal!

It’s a new product by Arif Chandra and Shelley Penney, that’s going to WOW you AND your customers!

These animations are awesome, and they cut the time for creating videos by more than half.

Most animation videos end up looking lackluster, not engaging, even annoying, eventually losing viewers before your message goes through.

Well there is a solution now, and it’s ready to rock your 2021 videos to unspeakable

level of viewer interaction, engagement and ultimately SALES! You can start having these results in 2021.

AnimatePal is a professional collection of emotional, intelligent characters that are guaranteed to make every second of your video count.

No more videos that don’t communicate to the viewer. This package FINALLY contains some of the design elements marketers like YOU have been asking for for years! Things like inclusive characters of different skin tones, and babies and children to open up more opportunities for marketing!

Give that emotional zing to your 2021 videos right now.

Does this scenario sound familiar?


  1. You pick up some generic video template
  2. Painstakingly create a video after torturous hours of work
  3. Get excited and ready to deliver to your client
  4. Only to fire up YouTube and see the exact template you used, literally everywhere!

This is an unfortunate scenario most marketers like you face everyday. Needless to

say, your visitors will immediately be turned off from the very first second.

Your business will lack originality and uniqueness. You could annoy your viewers

and even lose them to some competitor who uses fresh new content.

Templated animated video maker apps were a breakthrough in tech, that brought easy video marketing to the fingertips of the average person, but it is no longer enough! That was 6 years ago! You can’t get away with using video templates anymore.

So what’s the answer anyway?

You could hire someone to make an animated video for you, spending a pile of cash in the process.

Or you could buy an animated character from an artist or design studio, and pay royalties every time someone watches your video.

OR…. You could just get AnimatePal.

Now you can continuously inject fresh, unique, professional,engaging, inclusive

characters to your videos.

That’s how to win the rapidly changing taste of your audience. Smart

video makers know this!

AnimatePal is a unique collection of professional animated characters, motion graphics and more, that pop your videos to life, engage your customers and convert them to hungry buyers.

You can’t make a BAD video and expect it to bring great results.

AnimatePal will help you create your best 2021 videos, and prepare you for a video takeover.

Get AnimatePal, and you get a complete library of animated characters and graphics like:

  1. Over 800 Character animations- AnimatePal characters are engaged in a variety of animated poses and activities that represent characters in your business and neighborhood communities!
  2. Babies and children- in variations of skin tones and various activities! (WOW!)
  3. Motion graphics- like wind motion, flames and other fun animations to accent your videos
  4. Animated icons – amazing animations for your explainer videos
  5. Toon backgrounds library- All new and match the characters perfectly

And even more… this is new content, not some rehashed work curated from free graphics sites. This team has created IN HOUSE this amazing package and the starting price is SOOOO small!

Go see this right away! But hurry because it’s a dime sale and price rises bit by bit with every sale!

Subject: NEW animations work in any videomaker you’ve bought!

Have you ever bought a videomaker? I’ve picked up several over the past couple of years, and I love using them.

BUT… I also have spent ENDLESS hours looking for the right graphics and animations.

Videomakers, on their own have improved lightyears in just a short time, they are only as great as the content you can use to make them!

And BOY have I struggled with that!

It’s super hard to find fresh content for video making, and I’m no animation artist, that’s for sure! I’ve often been caught paying a fortune to a video design company for my sales videos!

As of today… I don’t have to hire a graphic design team!

My friends Shelley and Arif have just released a massive video graphics and animations library.

I’m literally still STUNNED by everything they’ve packed into this.

It’s called animated pal and here’s what’s included…
800+character animations- They are Culturally Diverse and Inclusive- with a mix of skin tone and professions and every-day people, PLUS 15 animated poses each. It’s the largest package of original new characters I’ve seen.
Children and baby packs!- WOW this is a first! Separate packages of children and babies- finally I can make videos that show something besides OFFICE work! I’ve never seen a package yet that included separate modules with lots of kids and babies.
NEW toon backgrounds!- not just some of the old ones making the rounds, and not curated from some stock site! These backgrounds are brand new and fresh. I can hardly wait to use them myself!
100+ Motion graphics- Cool and fun animated swirls, flames, wind and more to add that pop to your message.
Animated call-to-actions- the perfect way to finish off your video!
Animated transitions- take you seamlessly from one scene to the next!
Believe it or not, there’s even more than that! That’s just the highlights!

My mind is already swirling with the possibilities here!
Go check out AnimatePal here! Hurry though- it’s a dime sale and the price rises a little with every sale



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