AnimatePal OTO – OTO 1 2 3 4

AnimatePal OTO 1 

Huge upgrade of Comic and Cartoon related characters and elements such as animated cartoon animals pack,

animated mouths and facial expressions to add to inanimate objects, and more!

AnimatePal OTO 2

Massive package of PPT video templates, ads, as well as call outs, lower thirds and so much more. Thousands of video assets at a truly amazing price!

General Video Marketing:


Can you make a sale by making a viewer smile?


Statistics prove that comics and cartoons sell more products. They increase engagement! When people smile (or laugh or cry or get angry) they remember your product. The message sinks in. They watch longer and buy more.

So could you make an animated ad for me if I wanted one? Without stealing graphics, or spending a fortune?

Well you can NOW!

Just wait until you see this new product by Arif Chandra and Shelley Penney. As usual, these 2 video graphics experts have found the sweet spot between demand and supply! Animated videos are becoming MORE popular, and yet, as a marketer, video maker, or content creator, YOU can’t easily tap into this new old fad, because up until now, this type of animated  assets just have not been available, or have been way too expensive!

You’re not going to believe what is in this massive animation library. Over 1270 animated  assets and for less than the cost of a SINGLE image on any stock image site!

Here’s what you are getting in this EPIC pack!

AnimatePal includes 1270+ Animated characters and assets!

There are 800+character animations. They are  Culturally Diverse and Inclusive. It’s the **FIRST TIME EVER package that we know of that Includes children and babies, and the entire package is in a range of skin tones, representing everyday people!

You also get  20+ NEW Toon Backgrounds, 100+ Motion Graphics, 20+ Animated Icons, 20+ Animated Call-to-action,30+ Animated Scene Transitions, AND bonuses!

Best yet, they work in virtually any video making software on the market!

You need this package! Click here to check it!

WOW! Wait until you see this video animated graphics collection!

It’s a new huge graphics pack created by Arif Chandra and Shelley Penney. There are over 1270 new, original animated characters (including babies and childrens)

Why Animated characters? Comics and cartoons in marketing have some of the best engagement and “stickiness” results. In fact, a study by noted that cartoons actually DOUBLE email open rates!

People LOVE comics, both in business and in fun, but have you ever tried to search for comic graphics that you can use commercially? It’s impossible (and impossibly expensive)

Not to mention, it’s really difficult to find inclusive character animations for marketing, and even more rare to find children!

Now you can take advantage of this FUN “new” animated video trend. AnimatePal is live right now. It includes over 1270 animated graphics including 800+ character animations, babies and children, that are representative in every way! You also get backgrounds, motion graphics, and fun elements like animated icons and transitions, and MUCH more! !

You have to see it to believe it!

Go grab this fun pack right now and start creating. The open price is at a jaw dropping low! Once the prelaunch sale is over, the price will be going up! So go grab it now.

90%! That’s the percentage of online shoppers who said that they find video

helpful in making shopping and buying decisions. Yet a lot of businesses aren’t

using videos even now!

The indisputable fact is, if you’re not making AWESOME videos by now, be ready to

kiss your customers goodbye in 2021.

I’m sure you wouldn’t want to see how that plays out.

You won’t believe these animations. Animated characters in local biz niches, ready to star in your next video! Inclusive characters, diversity built in,AND babies and children too!

Introducing AimatePal!

It’s a new product by Arif Chandra and Shelley Penney, that’s going to WOW you AND your customers!

These animations are awesome, and they cut the time for creating videos by more than half.

Most animation videos end up looking lackluster, not engaging, even annoying, eventually losing viewers before your message goes through.

Well there is a solution now, and it’s ready to rock your 2021 videos to unspeakable

level of viewer interaction, engagement and ultimately SALES! You can start having these results in 2021.

AnimatePal is a professional collection of emotional, intelligent characters that are guaranteed to make every second of your video count.

No more videos that don’t communicate to the viewer. This package FINALLY contains some of the design elements marketers like YOU have been asking for for years! Things like inclusive characters of different skin tones, and babies and children to open up more opportunities for marketing!

Give that emotional zing to your 2021 videos right now.

Does this scenario sound familiar?


  1. You pick up some generic video template
  2. Painstakingly create a video after torturous hours of work
  3. Get excited and ready to deliver to your client
  4. Only to fire up YouTube and see the exact template you used, literally everywhere!

This is an unfortunate scenario most marketers like you face everyday. Needless to

say, your visitors will immediately be turned off from the very first second.

Your business will lack originality and uniqueness. You could annoy your viewers

and even lose them to some competitor who uses fresh new content.

Templated animated video maker apps were a breakthrough in tech, that brought easy video marketing to the fingertips of the average person, but it is no longer enough! That was 6 years ago! You can’t get away with using video templates anymore.

So what’s the answer anyway?

You could hire someone to make an animated video for you, spending a pile of cash in the process.

Or you could buy an animated character from an artist or design studio, and pay royalties every time someone watches your video.

OR…. You could just get AnimatePal.

Now you can continuously inject fresh, unique, professional,engaging, inclusive

characters to your videos.

That’s how to win the rapidly changing taste of your audience. Smart

video makers know this!

AnimatePal is a unique collection of professional animated characters, motion graphics and more, that pop your videos to life, engage your customers and convert them to hungry buyers.

You can’t make a BAD video and expect it to bring great results.

AnimatePal will help you create your best 2021 videos, and prepare you for a video takeover.

Get AnimatePal, and you get a complete library of animated characters and graphics like:

  1. Over 800 Character animations- AnimatePal characters are engaged in a variety of animated poses and activities that represent characters in your business and neighborhood communities!
  2. Babies and children- in variations of skin tones and various activities! (WOW!)
  3. Motion graphics- like wind motion, flames and other fun animations to accent your videos
  4. Animated icons – amazing animations for your explainer videos
  5. Toon backgrounds library- All new and match the characters perfectly

And even more… this is new content, not some rehashed work curated from free graphics sites. This team has created IN HOUSE this amazing package and the starting price is SOOOO small!

Go see this right away! But hurry because it’s a dime sale and price rises bit by bit with every sale!

Subject: NEW animations work in any videomaker you’ve bought!

Have you ever bought a videomaker? I’ve picked up several over the past couple of years, and I love using them.

BUT… I also have spent ENDLESS hours looking for the right graphics and animations.

Videomakers, on their own have improved lightyears in just a short time, they are only as great as the content you can use to make them!

And BOY have I struggled with that!

It’s super hard to find fresh content for video making, and I’m no animation artist, that’s for sure! I’ve often been caught paying a fortune to a video design company for my sales videos!

As of today… I don’t have to hire a graphic design team!

My friends Shelley and Arif have just released a massive video graphics and animations library.

I’m literally still STUNNED by everything they’ve packed into this.

It’s called animated pal and here’s what’s included…
800+character animations- They are Culturally Diverse and Inclusive- with a mix of skin tone and professions and every-day people, PLUS 15 animated poses each. It’s the largest package of original new characters I’ve seen.
Children and baby packs!- WOW this is a first! Separate packages of children and babies- finally I can make videos that show something besides OFFICE work! I’ve never seen a package yet that included separate modules with lots of kids and babies.
NEW toon backgrounds!- not just some of the old ones making the rounds, and not curated from some stock site! These backgrounds are brand new and fresh. I can hardly wait to use them myself!
100+ Motion graphics- Cool and fun animated swirls, flames, wind and more to add that pop to your message.
Animated call-to-actions- the perfect way to finish off your video!
Animated transitions- take you seamlessly from one scene to the next!
Believe it or not, there’s even more than that! That’s just the highlights!

My mind is already swirling with the possibilities here!
Go check out AnimatePal here! Hurry though- it’s a dime sale and the price rises a little with every sale



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