AffiEmbed OTO Upsells – What do they have in common. A few things, these are HUGE marketplaces that are widely around the world. People trust these websites and have no issues whipping out their credit card and spending money at these sites (as opposed to smaller, lesser-known online stores) Most people have an account to shop online at one or more of these marketplaces Physical products convert at a higher rate and people spend more money than on many intangible products like ebooks All 5 of these marketplaces offer an affiliate program where you can get PAID when someone buys something from your affiliate link

When you join the affiliate programs that these marketplaces offer, you’ll have a great opportunity to profit from the sale of physical products WITHOUT having to deal with the normal hassles of running your online store.

Just make a sale, and get paid a nice, healthy commission!

Unfortunately, if you want to create a review blog or website where you promote these affiliate products, there are some challenges.

The good news is

There’s a brand new plugin that makes it easier than ever to add products from these 5 marketplaces to your WordPress posts and pages without coding or tech skills needed. What used to take hours, now only takes a few minutes.

affiembed oto upsells

AffiEmbed OTO Upsells

AffiEmbed OTO 1: AffiEmbed PRO

Upgraded Users Get These Awesome Features Automatically Unlocked


With AliBuilder Upgrade, You Get Everything You Need To Create A Stunning eCOM Store That Makes You Money

AffiEmbed OTO 3: ALIPRO

Customer Order Tracking:
Get detailed information about tracking codes you get from suppliers and send those data to your customers by email.

Highlight The Store’s Best Seller:
When a visitor clicks on a product and sees the product best seller badge they are compelled to take action.

Product Image Swatches:
Convert your normal variable (product variation) attribute dropdown select to nicely looking color or image select.

Savings Trigger:
This shows potential savings on discounted products in absolute numbers and percentages. When a shopper sees how much they can save by taking the deal, they feel compelled to unlock the savings


2 Responses

  1. Upsells and oto…..To budget, I need price of whole product. This buying of pieces of a jugsaw is beyond contempt.
    Surely they (whoever they are) will sell more if being more transparent in cost of useable project.
    However it does read like a good project…..However, how far do I go in upsells and/or OTO…???
    Temptation to build a WordPress site for this only – just depends on total cost of this project

    1. Hi Brian, thank you for visiting our site.
      It depends on your need if you want more features you should purchase the OTO 1 or 2.


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