AdvertSuite 2.0 OTO Upsells

Advertsuite 2.0, the world’s best Social Media Spy Software that lets you search, segment, and copy the winning ad campaigns of any competitor, niche, or site, is back. This means that others will spend money testing ads so you don’t have to.

advertsuite OTO upsells


Take the guesswork out of Facebook ads.

Advertsuite shows you exactly what ads are working NOW (and what aren’t) so you don’t waste money on ads that don’t work. Search for KEYWORDS, NICHES, COMPETITORS, and even domains to see what ads are running and, more importantly, winning.

Use ads to bring in buyers today.

You won’t have to test, change, or edit ads if you let Advertsuite SHOW you which ones work best in your niche.

Comparison of Competitors

Advertsuite will show you all of your competitors’ ads and landing pages in one place, so you can see what works and copy it.

Most Facebook ads are in one place

Advertsuite gives you access to the world’s biggest collection of Facebook ads, with more than 80 million ads from 15 countries and thousands more added every day.

Demographic & Engagement Filters

You can search for ads based on gender, age, marital status, and location. You can also search for ads with the most likes, comments, or shares to see what people are most interested in.

Filters based on location

Hate not being able to choose which countries to attack? Advertsuite tells you where an ad is being shown so you can figure out who you are trying to reach.

Video & Image Ad Integration

Video ads are a popular way to advertise, and Advertsuite will show you which video ads work best for YOUR niche in the market TODAY.

Sorting Based on What People Do

Advertsuite will let you sort ads by their “call to action” and show you which one is best for your campaign and niche.

Choosing where ads go

Have you ever thought about which ads work better in the news feed or the sidebar? Advertsuite helps with this by showing you what is working best in both places right now.

Module for Analyzing the Funnel

Advertsuite will not only show you the winning ads, but it will also show you the landing page where the traffic is going. This lets you copy the winning funnels.

AdvertSuite OTO Upsells

Advertsuite FE $47 OneTime. Click here to learn more

OTO 1 – $67 ONE TIME. Click here to learn more

Syndication on Instagram, YouTube, and Google
This will be a no-brainer for all f/e buyers because it will let users expand their ad searches to include ads from Instagram, YouTube, and Google.

OTO 2: VIP Training for $47. Click here to learn more

VIP Fb Ads training will show users how to make money with FB ads using Advertsuite in many different markets, including eCommerce, local, affiliate, and offline businesses. This also includes our five VIP webinars, which these members can only attend.

OTO 3 – $197 Reseller 20 Account. Click here to learn more

Key lets users replace OUR logo with their own and make keys to give to clients, sell, or rent as if Advertsuit was built by THEM. This gives a HUGE boost to the credibility of any local marketing agency or person working with clients.

What’s new in 2022 with Advertsuite 2.0?

Advertsuite is the best tool for making successful ads because it is ALWAYS up to date with what is working RIGHT NOW. Users can now search more thoroughly than ever by:

Over 80 million new ads and ad types have been added so that any niche can be dominated without ads being tested.

Since 2019, we’ve added millions of new ads every single month, along with over 10 new types of ads that Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Youtube have added.

Advertsuite has all kinds of ads, including Instagram story ads, video ads, side column ads, ads on third-party sites, and retargeting ads. You name it, Advertsuite has it, and you never have to waste money testing what works because Advertsuite SHOWS you.

With their AI syndication suite, you can take over Instagram, YouTube, and Google ads all at once.

You can now search and see every Instagram, Google, and Youtube ad with Advertsuite, which wasn’t possible before.

Advertsuite 1.0 had basic search features for these platforms, but it mostly focused on Facebook ads. In 2022, however, Instagram, YouTube, and Google ads are the main ways that people make sales, so Advertsuite has changed to be the one-stop shop for the big 4 platforms. This will be part of oto1.

With our AI funnel search software, you can make big lists and make sales.

Want to find ads that go straight to a funnel page and build a winning funnel right away? Use Advertsuite’s FUNNEL search to find ads that only lead to clickfunnels, lead pages, or ANY funnel site. This is great for people who want to build their email lists or do affiliate, eCommerce, or local marketing.

With their Ecom Search, you can find winning Ecom products and ads in ANY niche.

Advertsuite lets you see ads that ONLY go to a Shopify, magneto, or Woocommerce store. It also shows you the ads (and products) that actually make sales.

Just type in your niche, click one button to find the winners, and copy them. You can also use Advertsuite to find products that are selling right now or choose ads that have been running in the last six months.


Internet marketing, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, local marketing, etc., are just a few of the various online moneymaking avenues available.

There is one thing that all modern strategies have in common though: they almost all rely on paid Facebook advertisements to bring in visitors and potential customers. You’ve undoubtedly already spent a good deal of money on various marketing tools and programs that all recommend using Facebook advertisements.

There’s nothing wrong with that; Facebook advertisements are fantastic, and they can be really lucrative once you figure out the secret sauce.

However, it is precisely the issue You need to have money to test, which means you risk losing a lot before seeing any results, and you have to hit that winner first.

For most people, this is the very thing that stands in the way of them testing out Facebook ads and realizing their full online potential.

In addition, this is just what Luke wanted to entirely alter!

All you have to do is plug in a term, a product, or a company name into Advertsuite, and it will find you relevant results. quickly access the top-performing Facebook advertisements (past and present).

You will have access to every detail, even the URL of the landing page they are directing your traffic to.

In this manner, you may easily replicate successful strategies while avoiding the time and money spent on trial and error.

You can finally compete with the big boys, even if you’re on a tight budget, thanks to Advertsuite’s ability to level the playing field in Facebook advertising.

Moreover, it will drive a further wedge between people.

Those with and those without access to Advertsuite. If you’re part of the “without” crowd, you can fall so far behind that you can never catch up. Although you have the last say, I am confident in predicting that this will be the year’s most pivotal online marketing product.

Also, some really encouraging news If you act now from this website, you can acquire the brand new Advertsuite software for a token

buy investment.

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