Adtrics OTO Upsells and Front-End Review

Adtrics OTO Upsells and Front-End Review – Adtrics is live coaching program that will show you how to mastering media buying and generate hundred thousand dollars permonth with media buying. We know media buying is number 1 skill that any person would need to generate high quality traffic in any business, this training will broken down into 4 key stages, stage #1 the framework, stage #2 high performance media buyer mindset, stage #3 10-weeks live intensive media buying coaching call, and the last stage is stage #4 is about data and scaling up. After completion of the 4 stages you will be able to charge clients up to $2500 per month. Not only that, you will also get access to eCommerce training, that will show you how to get $31 million dollar in eCommerce. One of their student have proven model that he resulted in more than $31 million in sales.

adtrics oto

Adtrics OTO Upsells

There is 2 OTO upsells available on this product.

Adtrics OTO 1:

You will learn 3 different ways how to build $300 per day, you will get the blueprint, PDF and video training.

Adtrics OTO 2:

You will get access to a workshop perfect for anyone who want to learn everything about how to run profitable business and gain the knowlede of media buying.

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