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First to Market App Increases Leads, Traffic, Sales, and Profits by Unlocking iOS14 Restrictions Using a Loophole in Facebook and Instagram’s Retargeting Systems… AdRaven Increase Sales and Reduce Ad Spends with a 4-Step Simple Setup and Hyper Precision Targeting.

Meet AdRaven AdRaven is a brand new and first-to-market software that uses cookieless retargeting and sends all user data bypassing iOS14 blocks and adblocks using server side tracking and provides precise and accurate data to minimize ad spend and maximize clicks, sales, and profit.

Provide a UNIQUE service that every business requires.

  • Get around iOS14’s restrictions and adblockers.
  • AdRaven Pixels and Campaigns are unlimited.
  • Connect an unlimited number of websites and advertising accounts.

Because you have the most accurate data, you can now perform hyper-precision targeting on any device without being limited by iOS or adblockers. You can simply show ads to the most qualified prospects and potential buyers, resulting in a significant decrease in ad spend and an increase in profits.

AdRaven OTO

Another benefit of using this system is that FacebookTM loves you for doing so…

FacebookTM wants you to provide the most accurate data and user behavior. They want to ensure that they are only showing ads to people who are interested in them, and they end up rewarding advertisers who generate higher ROIs. Consider the following scenario: other advertisers are blindly spending thousands of dollars without even targeting their prospects, and FacebookTM is punishing them by charging them more for their ads.

This week, millions of Facebook and Instagram users lost their Audience, Targeting, winning ad campaigns, and more as a result of the iOS 14 update. Millions of business owners who were previously successful in driving hyper targeted traffic to their funnels, websites, eCom stores, and other platforms saw a 50% drop in profits.

And this is only the beginning…

Over 50% of mobile users in the United States own an Apple device, equating to over 150 million potential customers, and you will soon be unable to track or target any of these individuals. This simple solution can help you avoid this update and start producing even better results and ROI than before. AdRaven is a game-changing new app that will revolutionize the way you run Facebook and Instagram ads. AdRaven will go live on June 14th at 11 a.m. EST.

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Front End

AdRaven Commercial, $37
Bypass iOS 14 restrictions with unlimited AdRaven pixels.
Connect any number of websites.
Unlimited Tracking Conversions can be predefined or customized.
PageViews are unlimited.
Get 100% accurate Facebook data.
Connect an unlimited number of advertising accounts.
Don’t give third-party services access to your personal Facebook account.
Increase ad performance and sales
Conversions API tracking Commercial License for Unlimited Browser Tracking
5 Accounts for Subusers
100+ DFY Ads That Convert
Hidden Interest Finder on Facebook
Photoshop-like Image Editor with Countless Data Sources


AdRaven Unlimited Edition, $67
Unrestricted Targeting – Discover Hidden Interests
Websites indefinitely
Pixels are limitless.
Ad Accounts with No Limits
Unlimited Ad Maker (Create Facebook Instagram Ads)
Visitors/PageViews are unlimited.
Unlimited Customization
Leads indefinitely
Network 14+ Stock Videos for Social Media Posters
Stock Images
Tag Manager by Google
Pixels for AdWords
Pixels from Quora
Pixels from Pinterest
Pixels from Twitter
Pixels for LinkedIn
20 Additional Users


AdRaven Links Raven $67, Bypass Facebook Link Blocker Unlimited Link Cloaking High Inboxing Fb Remarketing Built-in
CTA Overlays Geotargeting Device Targeting
Reports in detail
Social media integration on a custom domain
Analytics for leads
Password Expiration Protection for Links
Cloaking in Masses


AdRaven Agency Edition, $67 5 Lead Generation Pages
Cold Calling and Email Sequences
Templates for Facebook Ads
Templates for Google Banner Ads
Begin Your Own Advertising Agency Today


AdRaven Reseller Edition $197
Add Your Branding to Your Domain
DFY Sales Material User Admin Dashboard Add Your Logo
Profit is retained in its entirety, and unlimited support is provided.

Do you still run Facebook and Instagram ads the old-fashioned way? Do you still use the outmoded Facebook browser pixel? Are you having trouble with Apple’s iOS 14 update? If you answered yes, we have a solution for you.

This is how Facebook and Instagram ads will be run in 2022 and beyond.

Apple has begun blocking Facebook and Instagram ad tracking systems with the recent iOS 14 update. As a result, audiences, targeting data, leads, customers, sales, and, eventually, profit have been lost.

We’d like to introduce you to AdRaven, the world’s most straightforward Facebook and Instagram targeting and tracking software. Using the AdRaven App, you will be able to circumvent Apple’s iOS 14 block and begin receiving even better targeting, high-quality leads, customers, and sales from your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

Watch it in action live.

AdRaven Software is the world’s simplest app, with three simple steps to get started.

1. Access your AdRaven dashboard.
2. Make a new pixel
3. Link your Facebook or Instagram ads account, and you’re done.

Watch a Live Demo Video Here. Not only that, but with your purchase of AdRaven today, you will also gain exclusive access to:

-Our hidden interest targeting software -Ad creation tool for Facebook and Instagram -Special image editor and
-Ad campaigns completed for you

So, what are you waiting for? Click the link below to secure your special early bird access.

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