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Unless you’ve been stuck on a desert island for the past several years, you probably already know videos are the HOTTEST forms of media that savvy digital marketers use to sell their products or services.

And if you’ve been wanting to dip your toe into the vast ocean of video software available to create high converting videos for your customers, but thought…

“Too Complicated…”

 “Too Time Consuming…”

 “Too Pricey…”

Well, think again!

Imagine professionally designed animated video content that looks like it cost hundreds to produce.

Videos so fresh and original, viewers are instantly drawn in and mesmerized.

Fun, vibrant animated content YOUR customers could use to attract their OWN customers. And would gladly pay you bundles of cash to do so!

Don’t just imagine it…DO IT…with ADIMATES Video Templates.

ADIMATES Video Templates will give you the same professional, high quality stylized videos as the big video production houses.

But in much less time…

…with far less effort…

…and at a ridiculously low price!

If you can cut and paste, and maybe make a couple of slight timing adjustments, you can become a “RockStar” video editor producing high demand and highly profitable video content.

And all you need is Powerpoint or Keynote!

Right now, you can get 12 ADIMATES Video Templates, targeting 12 highly lucrative  niches, at a special introductory price that’s about the same as you’d pay for a couple of carry-out pizzas.

But don’t just take my word for it.

But don’t Hesitate…

 Don’t Procrastinate

And don’t Pontificate.

Adimates video templates OTO 2

Wondering why all the hubbub for ADIMATES Video Templates?

After all, aren’t there like a gazillion video template products already being promoted all over the internet?

Well, yuh!

But a lot of them look too slick, sterile, amateurish, computerized, cheaply made, and just plain BORING.

In other words, they’re pretty lame!

But ADIMATES Video Templates have TWO significant points of difference that seem to be causing quite a buzz.

After spending 20+ years as a national advertising CEO, Creative Director and Producer, Ben Crain noticed a void that needed filling in the Video Marketing niche — or an “itch that needed scratching!”

And so he and a team of professional writers, designers, animators and video editors created ADIMATES Video Templates to fill that void.

12 Video Templates targeting 12 popular niches hungry for video content.

Our 12 captivating ADIMATES Video Templates are sure to attract DOZENS of opportunities to drive sales!

Why do you think YouTube is jam packed with cats doing circus acrobats, dogs dressed up in silly costumes, and grown men and women doing embarrassing stunts even BEFORE the tequila shots were poured?

Because they’re fun to watch, comment on, and share.

Just like ADIMATES Video Templates!

ADIMATES were specifically produced in a lighthearted, whimsical style that’s not too silly, not too expected, and definitely NOT boring!

ADIMATES Video Templates are…

…fun to watch…

…hard to tune out…

…and sure to get plenty of clicks and conversions!

Want to see ADIMATES in action?

But don’t Hesitate…

 Don’t Procrastinate

And don’t Pontificate.

Adimates Video Templates OTO


Adimates video templates OTO 3

Wondering which niche will make you RICH?

Don’t we all…

We can’t promise you’ll get rich, but we do promise you and your clients will quickly get noticed in 12 popular niches with ADIMATES Video Templates.

“Well whoop-de-do,” you say, “just what we need…more video templates.”

But wait — oh ye purveyor of skepticism —  ADIMATES aren’t your typical run-of-the-mill, stick-in-the-mud, blow-it-out-your-you-know-what video templates.

ADMIMATES Video Templates can be summed up in one word:


And customers just wanna have fun!

(said the Go-Go’s in a slightly different vernacular)

ADIMATES Video Templates serve up fun like a snow cone stand in the Sahara, and focus on 12 key niches including:


House Cleaning Services

Legal Dentists


Pest Exterminators



Pet Care

Auto Service


And Plumbers

12 big niches to target —12 huge opportunities to bring in a boatload of cash!

Best of all, with ADIMATES Video Templates, you can create captivating, customized video content in less than 10 minutes — simply using either Powerpoint or Keynote.

Starting to get interested?

But don’t Hesitate…

 Don’t Procrastinate

And don’t Pontificate.

Adimates video templates OTO 4

Can’t Draw, Compose, Or Edit Video?


Thanks to ADIMATES Video Templates, you’re officially qualified to produce stunning, custom video content local businesses will happily pay big bucks to purchase for their sites.

ADIMATES Video Templates are fun, whimsical and brilliantly simple to customize for your customers.

If you know how to work Powerpoint or Keynote, you’re already an expert ADIMATES video editor.

Just Cut, Paste, and Export and you’ve got a professional quality, animated video in less than 10 MINUTES!

It can cost hundreds, even thousands to produce professional video animation.

Heck, the software alone can break your bank account. Plus the time it takes to learn how to use it…


ADIMATES Video Templates are easy to produce and easy on your wallet.

You can be up and running for about the price of a couple of carry-out pizzas!

But don’t Hesitate…

 Don’t Procrastinate

And don’t Pontificate.

Adimates video templates OTO 5

Fact 1

Among online shoppers, 90% find videos extremely helpful when making purchase decisions.

Fact 2

A recent poll showed 76% of digital marketers listed animated videos as one of the best mediums for increasing sales and generating higher traffic.

Fact 3

A giraffe can actually clean its ears with its 21-inch tongue!

Fact 4

After finishing this email, most viewers will forget Fact #1 and #2, but remember Fact #3.

That’s because…

Fact 4

Whimsical, irreverent information is far easier to remember than ordinary, run-of-the-mill messages.

This is primarily because people simply like to be entertained!

And it’s why ADIMATES Video Templates are sure to cause a stir in the Video Marketing niche.

ADIMATES are 12 fun, entertaining, cleverly written and produced video templates that are sure to captivate consumers and capture more sales for both you and your clients.

Targeting 12 of the most popular niches make ADIMATES Video Templates easy to sell.

Plus requiring only Powerpoint or Keynote makes ADIMATES Video Templates easy to produce.

Just cut, paste, export, and in 10 minutes or less,  you’ve got a professional quality animated video to offer your client.

Best of all, you can get ADIMATES right now for about the cost of a couple of carry-out pizzas.

But don’t Hesitate…

 Don’t Procrastinate

And don’t Pontificate.

Then get ready to Generate more sales!

Adimates video templates OTO 6



 Modern Family

 Arrested Development


 I Love Lucy

ALL Fun, Clever, Entertaining, Unforgettable, and…

Now, GONE like the wind.

And come Monday, the ridiculously low introductory price of ADIMATES Video Templates will also be gone!

Don’t miss your last chance to introduce your clients to the clever, entertaining, and FUN content of ADIMATES Video Templates.

12 Captivating Templates.

12 Opportunities to make a Bundle of Cash!

And best of all, you don’t need any video editing skills to produce professional quality animated videos with ADIMATES.

Just choose a template then cut, paste and export.

That’s it! In less than 10 minutes, you’ve just produced a clever, mesmerizing animated video consumers will want to watch and your clients will want to purchase.

But you’d better hurry if you want to get ADIMATES at this special low, low price.

Because just like those popular sitcoms, it all must come to an end.

Remember, the price goes up on ADIMATES Video Templates this Monday!

But don’t Hesitate…

 Don’t Procrastinate

And don’t Pontificate.

Then get ready to Generate more sales!




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